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Potionomics Mint Character Guide

October 17, 2022 12:25 PM

By: Isaac Todd


Our Potionomics Mint Character Guide will go over Rank Up events, gifts, and potential unlocks once you become closer friends.

Potionomics Mint's Biography

Mint is a budding adventurer trying to find her place in the world. She's always willing to help out, including going on adventures to gather ingredients for Sylvia.




Can You Romance Mint in Potionomics?

Yes, Mint is available to romance once you hit Rank 7, as long as you pick the romantic dialogue choices during events.

Potionomics Mint Gifts

Mint's favourite type of ingredient is Bone. Unicorn Horns are easy to obtain via the Enchanted Forest.



Potionomics Mint Event Guide

These are the correct dialogue choices to choose if you want to maximise friendship gain during events.

Whenever you have the options “Let’s stay on topic” and “Tell me more”, these just let you read or skip certain dialogue without any changes to friendship. Options we've highlighted in bold are romantic choices — picking these is required to to unlock romance, though they can be ignored without reducing friendship.


  • Rank 1 - “That would be a huge honor”. “You’ve got the muscles to be a hero”.
  • Rank 2 - “It’s kind of you to shield your colleagues”. “Should I pinch you?”.
  • Rank 3 - “I worry about fitting in too”. “Ooh, cute and clever?”. “Let’s get you a hammer”.
  • Rank 4 - “Let’s try something new”. “And maybe something more?”.
  • Rank 5 - “I thought your glutes looked nice”. “I’ll keep you in check”.
  • Rank 6 - “I might be distracted by your loveliness”. “Yeah, but I’d love to hear your version”.
  • Rank 7 - “Is this a date?”. “It’s an amazing place”.
  • Rank 8 - “Look on the bright side”.
  • Rank 9 - “I’ve got it!”. “Wait. Are you all right?”
  • Rank 10 - Requires 2 Superior Speed Potions.

Potionomics Mint Unlocks

At Rank 4, you unlock at 25% on adventures when sending Mint. Once you hit Rank 8, this increases to 50%. All other ranks unlock new cards.


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