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Last Update: October 18, 2022 12:54 PM


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Our Potionomics Salt and Pepper Character Guide will go over Rank Up events, gifts, and potential unlocks once you become closer friends.

Potionomics Salt and Pepper's Biography

Salt and Pepper are a pair of local pirates, willing to share their treasures for the right price. Despite their current "occupation", they're a rather friendly pair (if you stay on their good side).

Can You Romance Salt and Pepper in Potionomics?

No, it is not possible to romance Salt and Pepper. Sylvia, Salt and Pepper will instead become blood brothers at Rank 7.

Potionomics Salt and Pepper Gifts

Salt and Pepper's favourite type of ingredient is Ore. Glass Ore can be obtained early from the Bone Wastes adventure area.

Potionomics Salt and Pepper Event Guide

These are the correct dialogue choices to choose if you want to maximise friendship gain during events. Whenever you have the options “Let’s stay on topic” and “Tell me more”, these just let you read or skip certain dialogue without any changes to friendship.

  • Rank 1 - “Nice is no fun”. “Thanks for the tip”.
  • Rank 2 - “Yeah. Sign me up!”. “I’ll prove myself!”
  • Rank 3 - “I don’t scare easy”. “I have been meaning to ask”.
  • Rank 4 - “I can do that”. “The shop can wait”.
  • Rank 5 - “Monsters? Bring ‘em on”. Any of the 3 options, no change . “The Heroes Guild needs to hear this”.
  • Rank 6 - “The Lawlessness”. “It’s a cool custom”.
  • Rank 7 - “Yes”.
  • Rank 8 - “All right, get in my knapsack!”.
  • Rank 9 - “Whatever it takes”.
  • Rank 10 - Requires Superior Tolerance Potion, Superior Radiation Tonic.

Potionomics Salt and Pepper Unlocks

At Rank 4, you unlock a 20% discount on treasure chests. Once you hit Rank 8, this increases to 40%. All other ranks unlock new cards.

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