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Potionomics Luna Character Guide

October 18, 2022 11:27 AM

By: Isaac Todd


Our Potionomics Luna Character Guide will go over Rank Up events, gifts, and potential unlocks once you become closer friends.

Potionomics Luna's Biography

Luna runs a somewhat successful marketing business, though her parents don't seem to be appreciative of her career choices. By making use of Luna's marketing skills, Sylvia might have a chance at turning her humble potion shop into a place known throughout the world.




Can You Romance Luna in Potionomics?

Yes, Luna is available to romance once you hit Rank 7, as long as you pick the romantic dialogue choices during events.

Potionomics Luna Gifts

Luna's favourite type of ingredient is Fruit. An easy cheap option for this is the item "Feyberry", which can be bought directly from Quinn's store.



Potionomics Luna Event Guide

These are the correct dialogue choices to choose if you want to maximise friendship gain during events.

Whenever you have the options “Let’s stay on topic” and “Tell me more”, these just let you read or skip certain dialogue without any changes to friendship. Options we've highlighted in bold are romantic choices — picking these is required to to unlock romance, though they can be ignored without reducing friendship.


  • Rank 1 - “Are we flirting?”. “It would be a nice change of pace”.
  • Rank 2 - “That’s good information to have”. “Ooh, my very own stalker”.
  • Rank 3 - “Coffee”, “Coffee”, “Robusta”. “Save some room for thoughts of me”.
  • Rank 4 - “Should I be jealous?”. “I trust you to know what you’re doing”.
  • Rank 5 - “We could head back”. “I always enjoy myself with you”.
  • Rank 6 - “I always like a black sheep”. “They’ll come around”.
  • Rank 7 - “You’ve always been hot”. “I like your neurotic energy”.
  • Rank 8 - “You can tough it out”.
  • Rank 9 - "What does your five-year plan say?"
  • Rank 10 - Requires Superior Mana Potion, Superior Stamina Potion.

Potionomics Luna Unlocks

At Rank 4, you unlock a 20% discount on marketing. Once you hit Rank 8, this increases to 40%. All other ranks unlock new cards.

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