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Potionomics Roxanne Character Guide

October 17, 2022 5:13 PM

By: Isaac Todd


Our Potionomics Roxanne Character Guide will go over Rank Up events, gifts, and potential unlocks once you become closer friends.

Potionomics Roxanne's Biography

Roxanne is a bewitching rival potion seller, initially determined to take Sylvia out of business. However, after some not-so-friendly competition, she eventually becomes a valuable friend with some useful services.




Can You Romance Roxanne in Potionomics?

Yes, Roxanne is available to romance once you hit Rank 7, as long as you pick the romantic dialogue choices during events.

Potionomics Roxanne Gifts

Roxanne's favourite type of ingredient is Gems. Gems will always be the most expensive ingredient type (outside of the universal Pure Mana items), though you can still get the low cost Golem's-Eye Diamond from the Bone Wastes adventure area.



Potionomics Roxanne Event Guide

These are the correct dialogue choices to choose if you want to maximise friendship gain during events.

Whenever you have the options “Let’s stay on topic” and “Tell me more”, these just let you read or skip certain dialogue without any changes to friendship. Options we've highlighted in bold are romantic choices — picking these is required to to unlock romance, though they can be ignored without reducing friendship.


  • Rank 1 - “Knock yourself out”. “Your magnetic personality?”.
  • Rank 2 - “Who cares what people think?”. “You’ve won me over, hottie”.
  • Rank 3 - “Well, I’m sort of helping”. “I don’t want you to leave”.
  • Rank 4 - “Resisting temptation is a sign of strength”. “Responsibility looks good on you”.
  • Rank 5 - “Whatever you say”. “Let me know if your nights get lonely”.
  • Rank 6 - “I’ve had it easy by comparison”. “You’re every bit as good as advertised”.
  • Rank 7 - “And no one to interrupt us…”. “Thank you for acknowledging that”.
  • Rank 8 - “It’s always good to have a plan B”.
  • Rank 9 - “You’re better than this”.
  • Rank 10 - Requires Superior Curse Cure, Superior Radiation Tonic.

Potionomics Roxanne Unlocks

At Rank 4, you unlock at 20% discount on enchantments. Once you hit Rank 8, this increases to 40%. All other ranks unlock new cards.

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