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No More Heroes PC

No More Heroes 1 and 2 Are Incredibly Basic on PC

No More Heroes 1 and 2's recent PC ports are certainly functional, but lack a lot of common PC features that many will find disappointing.
Going Medieval's Save System cover

Going Medieval's Save System is One of the Best I've Ever Seen

Going Medieval's save system makes managing your playthroughs a breeze—a must for colony sims and other games in challenging genres.
space felony

Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid - Our Top Picks

We break down some of our recommended picks from the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid, currently on Itch.io.
Gears of War 4 JD and Kait Walking Through a Gameplay Scene

Xbox Series X: 20 FPS Boost Games With Lackluster Upgrades

Xbox Series X's FPS Boost is game-changing when it works and disappointing when it doesn't. While frame rates are often consistent, many titles make concerning sacrifices. This lost compiles 20 FPS Boost games that make major sacrifices, detailing their drawbacks.
itch io palestine bundle

How a Charity Bundle for Palestinian Aid Raised $350,000 in a Weekend

We spoke with Alanna Linayre about how she assembled a Palestinian aid charity bundle on Itch.io that blew up overnight, containing over 1,000 items and raising over $350,000 in a weekend.
Zoop Preview Image

Talking Zoop and Crowdfunding with Co-founder Jordan Plosky

Zoop is a new crowdfunding service launching today that assists creators with additional tools covering marketing, project management, and fulfillment.
This Week In Valheim Cover 06-05-21

This Week in Valheim: Dying for Dioramas

This Week In Valheim, we explore a mod that lets you enter a new realm, some cool dioramas, and an easy way to kill Deathsquitos!
Ultima III: Exodus Art

Ultima: The Rise and Fall of an RPG Giant

Ultima is a name you may have heard of, but you're probably not too familiar with the tragic backstory to one of gaming's oldest franchises.
Kingdom Hearts UX Preview Image

Kingdom Hearts UX Ending Reveals and Questions for the Future

Kingdom Hearts UX has ended, and there's been a lot to process. Just as you'd expect though it throws more about the future of Kingdom Hearts into question.
Skyrim Ordinator Unarmed Build

Building Characters in Skyrim's Ordinator Mod

Ordinator is one of the most popular perk mods for Skyrim Special Edition. With so many new, suddenly viable character concepts and builds, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are four fleshed-out ideas.
This Week In Valheim 05-29-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Real Mead and Running Gauntlets

This Week in Valheim, we cover a deadly gauntlet that defends your base, a real Tasty Mead recipe, and the epic conclusion of a months-long fanart project!
Fallout 4

How the Fallout Games Saved My Life

In the darkest time of my life, Fallout gave me something to reach for. This is a story of how this game series saved me from myself, and helped me discover how strong I really am.
The Heroes of Dragon Quest from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Quest Illustrations

A Brief History of Dragon Quest

Approaching its 35th anniversary, Dragon Quest remains as one of the most influential, if not often overlooked, franchises in the history of video games.
Skyrim Escapism in Gaming Image

The Appeal of Escapism in Gaming

This past year has felt like a whirlwind. How do we cope with things unraveling beyond our control? Our grief?
Resident Evil Village

Where Does Resident Evil Go from Village?

Resident Evil Village may be the latest entry in the survival horror franchise, but what’s to come next? We look at the Resident Evil Village ending and see what the next entry may be.
This Week In Valheim 05-22-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Big Bucks and Happy Little Trees

This week in Valheim, we check out some happy little trees, a lesson on dealing with Stone Golems, and the addition of a rather suspicious new plant!
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Crew Aliens

In Praise of Mass Effect's Aliens

Mass Effect has some solid alien designs, even though, upon first glance, they are all pretty standard. The question is why is this the case? It ultimately has less to do with their physical designs, and more so how they are used to avert standard sci-fi tropes.
Minecraft world

Video Games: Therapeutic Benefits of Fictional Worlds

It’s no secret that video games have therapeutic benefits, but we wanted to learn more. We spoke with Dr. Anthony Bean, a clinical depth psychologist and video game researcher.
Mass Effect's squad screen showing Shepard's skill trees

Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Only Notable Flaw

In the process of tweaking gameplay based on feedback, BioWare's stellar remaster goes a few steps too far in messing with the original Mass Effect's intent.
5 Valheim Buildings Form Over Function - cover

5 Valheim Buildings That Put Form Over Function

Looking for some cool Valheim building ideas? Check out these 5 Valheim buildings that are less about practicality and more about looking cool.
Van Richtens Guide to Ravenloft Preview Image

Van Richten's Guide To Ravenloft DM Tips You'll Want To Explore

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft is out and with it we've gathered a number of tips for DMs to help create horror-filled experiences for their players
Shining a light.

8 Games That Highlight Mental Health

Mental health is an important and sensitive topic. Luckily, there are plenty of games that depict these struggles and help shine a light on the matter.
New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap: The Difference 22 Years Makes

New Pokemon Snap changes a lot from the original game 22 years ago, but a lot of its loveable essence remains intact on the Switch.
This Week in Valheim 5-15-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Spirited Away, Big Boats, and Heavy Metal!

We're back with This Week in Valheim! Come check out a cool build from Spirited Away, some pretty cool mods, and more in this week's edition!