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Civilization 6 Best Mods

The Best Civilization VI Mods

TechRaptor looks at the best Civilization VI mods and helps you find the way to best modify your Civilization 6 game.
Valve Steam Deck Budget Gaming PC cover

The Valve Steam Deck Might Be the Perfect Budget Gaming PC

The Valve Steam Deck reveal was certainly a surprise, but what's even more surprising is that it looks like it could be a really good budget gaming PC.
Rare Expensive Video Games Key Header

7 of the Rarest, Most Expensive Video Games

There are a lot of expensive video games out there, but which ones are also the rarest and most obscure? Here is a list celebrating seven such games.
Save Titanfall Interview NoSkill Community TF Remnant Fleet cover

The Story Behind the People Trying to Save Titanfall

We interviewed the people behind the "Save Titanfall" project, a group that aims to raise awareness about DDOS attacks and hackers in the Titanfall games.
Going far... plane.

Death and the Moogle: Dying in Final Fantasy X

Death is common in most games and it takes a front seat in the Final Fantasy series. However, Final Fantasy X took it a different direction and made it more complex. With the anniversary this year, we thought we would examine the mechanics of death in Spira.
Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets

Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets Showcase

We take a look at the official paint sets for the Infinity tabletop wargame in our Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets showcase.
RE Infinite Darkness Preview Image

Claire Couldn't Have Been Sidelined Harder In Resident Evil Infinite Darkness If They Tried

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness released on Netflix, and while being a show with Leon and Claire headlining, Claire gets none of the action.
Ratchet & Clank - Rivet Looking Cool

Change is Hard in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart explores some heavy themes through its leading characters and its own place as the latest in a long-running franchise.
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! & Loneliness in a Post-Pandemic Society

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! may be a modern horror classic, but it's also a good reminder to check on your friends after a harrowing year.
World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 and the Unreliable Narrator of Azeroth

World of Warcraft patch 9.1 is challenging even the most hardcore lore aficionados with a classic literary tool: the unreliable narrator.
Key art for A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence - The Next-Gen Difference on Xbox

The A Plague Tale: Innocence next-gen patch is a curiosity. It no doubt feels better to play thanks to the 60 fps target. But there's more to it than that.
Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind screenshot

Weird Last-Minute Gems For Steam Summer Sale

Well-loved, obscure, and sometimes just plain weird, there are some hidden gems in the Steam Summer Sale to look into as it winds down.
Project Haven Last City

Building The Last City In Project Haven With Code 351

So many post-apocalypse games take place in wastelands and junk towns. But what if one took place in the only futuristic metropolis left? Welcome to Project Haven, where the last city on Earth is anything but safe.
epic mickey disney games techraptor

Games With Classic Disney Characters We Want to See In The Future

We break down some Disney games we'd like to see in the future.
Elizabert Megafig in Bugsnax

Bugsnax is the LGBTQ-Positive Game I Didn’t Expect

Bugsnax advertised itself as a silly, unique game in which you capture and consume the titular Bugsnax. What I didn't expect was how Bugsnax is an LGBTQ-positive game with healthy same-sex relationships.
Pride Month 2021

Celebrating Queer Identities in Video Games

To celebrate pride, our staff members who identify as LGBTQ reflect on what proper representation means to them in video games.
Zag And Friends!

8 Games That Fairly Portray LGBTQ Characters

Pride is a month full of festivities, love and acceptance. It's come a long way and the LGBTQ+ continues to grow across the world and in media. There are so many identities across the spectrum with a number of characters representing different ones.
Armoured figure crouching in the foreground with a monster in the background

What Metroid Dread Could Mean For The Metroid Timeline

At E3 2021, Yoshio Sakamoto said that Metroid Dread will be the end of the Metroid story arc, but what does that mean for the Metroid timeline and for Samus Aran?
Sonic the Hedgehog Werehog Transformation

30 Years On, Sonic The Hedgehog Should Abandon 3D Gameplay

Sonic the Hedgehog is turning 30 years old, and at this late stage in the character's life, it might be time to give up on that precious 3rd dimension.
Dark Alliance Characters Preview Image

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Party Members Meet and Greet

You might be excited for a trip to Icewind Dale as part of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, but aren't too familiar with the literary history of heroes like Drizzt, Catti-brie, and Wulfgar. We take some time to give you a bit of info on who these characters are and how they met one another.
This Week In Valheim Cover 06-19-21

This Week in Valheim: Hanoks and Handy Mods

This Week in Valheim, we explore some extra handy mods, a group of surprisingly deadly bees, and a touching tribute to Berserk author Kentaro Miura.
Dark Souls 3  with knight in armour fighting a dragon surrounded by flames

All the Games like Dark Souls at E3 2021

E3 2021 really came through for those that enjoy taking on challenging games like Dark Souls and dying over and over until they succeed.
Left 4 Dead screenshot with armed men running from zombies

All the Games like Left 4 Dead at E3 2021

There were a host of multiplayer PvE games at E3 2021. Many of them look like Left 4 Dead, and most of those are coming to Xbox Game Pass.
Raiders Charge!

Exploring Ruin Raiders With One Of The Artists

Ruin Raiders combines turn-based combat with roguelike RNG, all while sending you and your animal squad into the depths of maze-like ruins with robots!

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