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Keyart for the Warframe Quest to Conquer Cancer event.

Last year, a Warframe charity event held to help breast cancer research managed to raise over $100,000 with the help of its players. Now, Digital


Digital Extremes' Warframe has a lot of new content coming for next week on September 8, with the release of Nidus Prime Access and Accessories Pack 

Warframe Crossplay

Digital Extremes is hosting its annual TennoCon conference, and announced Warframe crossplay and cross-save, as well as a new Warframe mobile version


Digital Extremes has announced the newest update to Warframe, Deimos: Arena, which is coming this week to PC. It extends the Heart of Deimos


Update: It appears at this time that a purchase hasn't yet gone through. Trading on the stock has been ended, but Tencent has entered into a period

Warframe game page featured image

From a rigid third-person shooter with little movement to a parkour marvel. Warframe is a game that has come a long way and has shed its old skin

Warframe February 2020 What's Next 1920x1080

Developer Rebecca of Digital Extreme recently announced the Warframe overhaul project via the game's official forums. The changes planned in the 

warframe review bomb

A Warframe review bomb is underway and it appears to be coming from irate Chinese players. That much is evident from a casual examination of the game

Warframe Developers Release Full Graphic Overhaul The Jovian Concord

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has announced a full graphic overhaul update for Warframe Jupiter tileset, also known as Gas City.

warframe pc gaming show e3 2018

Warframe has shown off the trailer for The Sacrifice, the latest episode in their cinematic quests, at the PC Gaming Show E3 2018. The wait for the

Warframe header

Warframe fans and lovers rejoice because more content is coming your way! Khora, the new Warframe, is finally arriving this week, bringing along a

Warframe Space Gun

Warframe, the third-person free-to-play shooter published and developed by Digital Extremes, has published their drop rate data according to a forum

Warframe White And Blue

Warframe, the free-to-play third-person shooter by Digital Extremes, has just celebrated its 4th anniversary and had the all-time highest number of

warframe-the-war within-update-review-featured-image

If you're an avid Warframe player, you may have been looking forward to a very particular and well-hyped content update. The War Within has been

Warframe's new support Meta - Safeguard Nezha guide - featured image

For those who don't have an in-depth understanding of Warframe, Nezha is a bit of a niche Warframe. He can tank like Rhino, burst heal, and Crowd

Specters of the Rail Key Art

  If you've been playing free to play third-person shooter Warframe then you may already have a pet dog. Yet what if you had a more feline