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New Warframe Gamemode and Character Coming This Week

Gaming article by Kenny Himpe on April 17, 2018 at 6:15 PM

Warframe fans and lovers rejoice because more content is coming your way! Khora, the new Warframe, is finally arriving this week, bringing along a new mode called Sanctuary Onslaught and a handful of new weapons and items.

First shown during a DevStreams in March, Sanctuary Onslaught will be a timed cooperative as well as competitive score-attack game mode. The goal is to fight off waves of enemies and race for the next portal after the timer hits zero, moving players to a different type of area with possibly other types of enemies, all the while struggling to stay alive and killing enough enemies to keep the upcoming portal stable enough. It seems this mode will be the ultimate competitive method for players to test their ever-increasing power and builds, with a score panel showing how well they've done after the player enters the portal.


new warframe gamemode and character coming this week sanctuary onslaught

Khora is the 35th Warframe being released for the game, sporting skills and characteristics largely reminiscent of rope traps and attacks. Whipclaw is an active attack skill that damages or kills enemies and increases damage potential with her other skills. Ensnare traps an enemy, spreading its entrapment to other nearby enemies, continuously damaging them. Venari is a summonable cat-like Kavat that can switch between an offensive mode, a defensive mode that focuses more on disarming, and a healing mode that heals team members with priority based on how much health they are missing.


new warframe gamemode and character coming this week khora 1

Along with Khora's release comes a variety of new weaponry as well, including a Dartgun, a Quill themed Spear, a Tenno styled Revolver Rifle, a Quill styled Syandana (scarf cosmetic) and alternate helmet, and new parts for the Zaw system that allows players to put their own weapon together.


new warframe gamemode and character coming this week khora 2

With this, Warframe rewards its ever-growing player base with more content, a business method that is deemed in large part responsible for its continuously growing success and popularity. The update will arrive on consoles in May.

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