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Warframe Charity Event Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research

Published: October 1, 2021 10:48 AM



Last year, a Warframe charity event held to help breast cancer research managed to raise over $100,000 with the help of its players. Now, Digital Extremes is going at it again with a second round of their Quest to Conquer Cancer inititive, using their eight-year old looter-shooter to support a good cause.

Partnering with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in Toronto, Onterio, this monthlong charity event starts at 2 PM Eastern and will primarily be held through special Warframe charity streams hosted by some of the most-watched and up-and-coming content creators in the Warframe community. Donations made via the Donor Drive extension or directly through the Quest to Conquer Cancer Donor Drive page will count towards reward tiers that will unlock in-game content for all players. In addition, there's also a selection of charity merchandise in stylish breast cancer awareness pink available on the official store. Of particular note is the Conquera Kuaka Floof Plush, which comes with a free in-game copy if purchased, whether by itself or as part of the Conquera Collection.


Sheldon Carter, the COO of Digital Extremes, said about the event:

“Giving back to our community has always been part of the Warframe spirit and our community of players have always been known to be inclusive, welcoming, and charitable beyond belief. For the second year, we’re creating an exciting program that engages and rewards players while raising awareness and funds to fight for a cause that affects the lives of so many around us.”

The in-game version of the Conquera Floor available as part of the Warframe charity event.


What are the donation tiers for the Warframe charity event?

By reaching certain donation goals, players can unlock special in-game content and other rewards. These are:

  • $5,000: Two new in-game glyphs made by community fan artist dull-ahan.
  • $10,000: An additional glyph by dull-ahan as well as a Glyph Display.
  • $20,000: A 3x Forma in-game Alert that will go live on all platforms from November 5 at 2 PM Eastern to November 15 at 2 PM Eastern.
  • $30,000: A Conquera Orbital decoration
  • $40,000: A special concept art reveal for the game's upcoming cinematic expansion The New War. It will be shared on the Quest to Conquer Cancer website, as well as on social media.
  • $50,000: A 1x Umbra Forma Alert will go live on all platforms for the same time frame as the $20,000 reward.
  • $60,000: An additional concept art reveal for The New War.
  • $70,000: An in-game Affinity boost from November 5 at 2 PM Eastern to November 7 at 2 PM Eastern.
  • $80,000: A third piece of concept art for The New War.
  • $90:000: Players get the Conquera Ribbon Chest Armor to go along with the matching Conquera Syandana. The Conquera Ribbon has an unchangable pink color channel to represent breast cancer awareness, but the other color channels on the armor can be changed.
  • $100,000: Players unlock the Conquera Ephemera, with fully-customizable color options, allowing players to support other ribbon-bearing causes.

Warframe is free to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S.


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