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Published: March 1, 2020 10:49 AM /


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Developer Rebecca of Digital Extreme recently announced the Warframe overhaul project via the game's official forums. The changes planned in the Warframe overhaul cover everything from bug fixes to quality of life changes to rebalancing.

The first changes are to the railjacks. Rebecca wrote that the barrier to entry regarding them was "too high." Warframe will revise the blueprints needed to build railjacks, and reduce the parts' costs by 66-75%. Railjacks will also receive nearly four-dozen different bug fixes to ensure smoother operation.

Player shields, health, and armor types are no longer shared with AI. They will be reclassified as Tenno and change the stat curve from exponential to S-shaped. Shields for players recharge after a short delay. These changes are in addition to the introduction of Shield Gating. This mechanic reduces the likelihood of one-hit kills. Damage that depletes shields no longer rolls over onto health. When shields go down, players have a very brief invulnerability window where they won't take additional damage. Some enemies, such as Corpus, will also have this mechanic. This was done to make shield-based frames more viable.

Status effects receive a change as well in the upcoming update. When a status chance is over 100% it can now result in additional status' being inflicted. Previously, it would simply guarantee the status landing, but now players can compound status effects. The chance for shotguns to inflict status ailments has at least tripled for each individual boomstick. Layering the same status twice will also have additional effects, which will be revealed in the patch notes.

In addition to its mechanical changes, Warframe will be adjusting quest rewards and introducing changes to its UI. Rebecca covered the QoL changes in a previous post on the official forums as well. Improvements include better controller functionality, removing 'Hold to Confirm' prompts for Intrinsics and Avionics screens, and a nifty 'Forge All' button on Payload screens in Dojos. The max FOV has also received a little adjustment. Rebecca notes that about 84% of players max out the FOV anyway, but the team needed additional work to make sure it wouldn't break the interface if extended out more.

Operation Scarlet Spear begins in early March, but Digital Extremes has opted to launch the changes early this week for PC.

Are you looking forward to the Warframe overhaul? Does the upcoming Operation Scarlet Spear intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below.

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