Warframe Developers Announce Another Graphic Overhaul With The Jovian Concord

Published: May 21, 2019 11:45 AM /


Warframe Developers Release Full Graphic Overhaul The Jovian Concord

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has announced a full graphic overhaul update for Warframe Jupiter tileset, also known as Gas City. The free update, called The Jovian Concord, will include reworked environments and gameplay as well. The overhaul has been reimagined with Warframe's modern parkour movement in mind, enabling the Tenno faction to wield the powerful 40th Warframe Wisp, experiencing a variety of new enemies, which include the deadly new flying Eidolon boss. The free update will arrive on PC next week at no extra charge.

The Jovian Concord will fully reimagine the original Warframe environment with a vast level of physical terrain, adding a new fresh look and atmosphere to every inch. Through the use of nimble parkour skills, players of the Tenno faction can explore internal heights and face new hazards, gauging their chances outside by leaping through the air along floating stations, distant platforms, crossbars, antennas, and more.

The update also includes new Sabotage, Rescue, and Spy missions, where players will face the cyborg-like results of longtime villain Alad V's twisted experiments with Sentient technology. Amalgam variants and Jetpack Agents are some of these new enemy creations. There's also a new gameplay mode called Disruption, where Tenno faction players will piece together perplexing tidbits of lore that could lay the groundwork for a looming war, and that's all before confronting Gas City's deadliest threat, the ever-present menace, the Ropalolyst.

Most prominently, players should expect the ethereal Wisp with The Jovian Concord. With it, you will be able to float across the battlefield with her light-based abilities, providing support for allies with a unique passive ability that allows the Wisp to turn invisible in air. Other abilities include Reservoirs, Wil-o-wisp, Breach Surge, and Sol Gate. All of which add new ways to defeat your enemies in battle.

Warframe's update The Jovian Concord will land on PC this week for free. The console version is expected to arrive soon. More information can be found on the official website, the official forums, and you can keep up to date with all things Warframe on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What do you think of Warframe's update? Are you looking forward to trying the ethereal Wisp? Let us know in the comments below!

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