Ok now as someone who frequents Craigslist, has sold and purchased many items through CL, and also made many purchases and sales on eBay, I feel that this has to be addressed.  The madness of this “stupid” little game has gotten out of control, and all this publicity has made people looking like the 1849 Gold Rush, but instead of making money, they are looking like idiots. So let’s have some fun with them!

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Let me start by saying yes, I see the auctions of $10,000 Iphones with Flappy Bird too.  But what you don’t see is the actual cash transaction. This can be compared to trolls bidding on it just to be funny.  Heck, look at  how the just recently the rare Nintendo game in HORRIBLE condition that “sold” for $100K got so much attention! But also look at how many websites posted that it got relisted, for a $50K “Buy it Now” on eBay, after the original bidder never paid, and no one took the many “second chance offers” that were sent out.

Thanks to success of shows and stories of Craigslist flippers and the poor economy, craigslist has been turned into a giant port-a-potty full of poo, but if you search enough you may find a “decent” diamond in the rough deal.  Now everyone lists everything for what they see on eBay, even though there is a reason people pay more on eBay as there there is a GUARANTEE for one, people outsides of the US or people who do not have access to these items also pay a tad more to have it shipped their way.  Now I know some cities have better CL then others, and bigger cities or military cities seem to have more realistic postings, but where I am currently, Lexington, KY, the idiots flock to CL.

Yes I get it, the game is no longer available on Itunes or the play store, but you can easily sideload an app by a quick google search.  Just because something isn’t available anymore does not make it “rare”.  I understand we live in a free market where we can ask for whatever price we want for our item, but wouldn’t common sense show these “49ers” of Flappy Bird that nowhere in the world would a transaction over $1000 for a Digital game actually happen, yet it keeps happening?

So I decided to have some fun with all these people who decided to hop on the “gold rush” that is Flappy Bird. What you are about to witness is 100% real. Craigslist ad #1 (Note: After I started this convo they went back and changed their ad to include a price and change what they wanted and for the record I do not work for Samsung or own cows)




And this the second conversation: (Note: again for the record i do not have any drugs, cows, or perform sexual acts for money or items and this in no way represents TechRaptor. It was all for fun and seeing how far people were willing to go)

flappy bird convo iphone


I really cannot believe even though I hinted at crazy/ trolling these people clearly ignored it and just focused on the possibility of getting a piece of this INSANE “investment” of installing a free to play game.  I was going to continue but after being 2/2 i could only imagine what more would go on as I see more and more postings for (Insert Apple or Android device here) with flappy bird INSTALLED for $4000 popping up on CL. Sometimes I lose hope in humanity, this is one of those times. For those of you reading this, it’s easy to find an APK or side-load an app to your phone…just ignore just ignore the crazy people till this Flappy Bird madness has passed.

What do you think?

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