e3 2019 coverage hub

E3 2019 Coverage Hub


E3 2019 is almost about to begin, and with it, we will learn all kinds of news about the latest upcoming titles, be surprised that games we love are getting additional content, and in general hear

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AMD Reveals Ryzen 3000 Series and RX 5700 GPU Series


Recently, at Computex, AMD has revealed their third-generation

playstation 5 mark cerny

New PlayStation is Coming With Backward Compatibility But Not in 2019


Sony has shared some information regarding its plans for an upcoming next-generation console (read: PlayStation 5).

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Valve Updates Proton In 3.16-4 Beta - Soul Calibur VI Bans Potentially Fixed


Valve has released a new beta version of its Proton compatibility layer, which aims to allow seamless installation and pla

the witcher enhanced edition

AMD Adrenalin Driver Update Breaks Some Older Games


AMD's most recent Adrenalin driver release (17.12.1) has been found to cause crashing in games ranging from The Witcher: Enhanced Edition to Command and Conquer 3, according to nu


Watch Out - AMD Is Quietly Downgrading Some RX 560s


It appears that AMD has had to dial back their ambitions for their Radeon RX 560 cards - some of the cards are launching with lower-than-origina


AMD Launches Radeon RX Vega Graphics Cards


AMD has given details on its highly anticipated Radeon Vega cards.

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AMD's Ryzen 7 CPU's Are Now Available For Pre-Order


Today, after much anticipation AMD has announced that March 2nd will be the global launch date of their Ryzen 7 CPU's and that the pre-orders for the CPU's are now available.