PC E3 2015 - New AMD Graphics Cards


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PC E3 2015 - New AMD Graphics Cards

June 16, 2015

By: Kyle Downey


AMD has released 9 new graphics cards today. The Radeon R9 Fury X, and the Radeon R9 Nano a new compact graphics card were two of the highlights of the new releases. The new graphics cards are powered by high-bandwidth memory or HBM, as well as the new Fiji GPU. AMD gave he Fury X an integrated closed-loop water cooling, allowing users to overclock to their hearts desire without fear.

Project Quantum AMD

AMD also showed off a 16 Teraflop Gaming System at the PC Gaming press conference which uses two of AMD's new Fiji GPUs. The top of the system is where all of the cooling systems are, and the bottom is where all the processing happens. AMD says they want to bring the PC to the market in the near future. A suitcase hid a new top of the line card and when opened it revealed a Dual Fiji GPU Card. All new cards released today have 4K performance support.

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