Recap: PC E3 2015

Published: June 17, 2015 12:39 AM /



PC gaming finally has a press conference at E3. The PC Gaming Show began with a montage that included a horde of Stay Puft Marshmallow Men attacking you in Left 4 Dead. Among other things. The first guest was Tripwire's John Gipson here to talk about Killing Floor 2, which is currently in Early Access. A trailer depicted new gore tech, showing zombies and monsters bursting into piles of green goo when shot.

The Incinerate and Detonate DLC was announced as a free update for the game, increasing the game's existing content by 50%. He also stated that player stats were finalized and will no longer be reset during the Early Access process. Finally, a reveal trailer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Next, Chris Roberts talked live via satellite about Star Citizen. He showed some motion capture for the game as well as its shooter module.  Richard Huddy from AMD came out to talk about new hardware from the red team. Slow pans of graphics cards were shown.

AMD Radeon 390x

Eidos took the stage next for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. A new trailer for the game's Dawn Engine was shown. Environments have more clutter than ever before, and the game will be enhanced by the latest technologies, including TressFX.

A video celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Total War before Creative Assembly came out to talk about Total War: Warhammer. Or Total Warhammer. Whatever your preference is. Griffons and trolls fit right in to the standard strategy gameplay.

Phil Spencer came out next to talk about Windows 10 and gaming. He announced that the Xbox One Killer Instinct would be coming to PC and support cross platform play. Fable Legends and Gigantic were shown off in trailers. Rod Ferguson then came out to announce that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is getting a PC release. King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch will be added onto the game's multiplayer component on both Xbox One and PC.

Gears of War HDCCP came up to talk about EVE:Valkyrie . It's a game played in virtual reality, and it gets over the problems of controlling a character in VR by placing you into the cockpit of a starfighter. Dean Hall came out and spoke of the status of Early Access on marketplaces like Steam. He then went briefly into his game ION.

The developers of STRAFE hit the stage for a gameplay demo. Rooms are hand crafted, but levels are reconfigured for every run through the game. DOOM-style secrets will be littered throughout the stages. Weapon and melee pickups will be in the levels in addition to the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Railgun you can start with. The gameplay looks blisteringly fast.

A trailer for the new expansion to Pillars of Eternity, called The White March Part 1, is revealed. It will raise the game's level cap, add in new companions and, reveal new classes. David Braben took the stage to talk about Elite: Dangerous a bit. They then revealed a trailer for Planet Coaster, a theme park sim looking to pick up where RollerCoaster Tycoon left off years ago.

Planet CoasterGuild Wars 2 showed Heart of Thorns, their next expansion that was accepting pre-orders now. Eidos got back on stage to talk about Hitman. As previously mentioned at Square's conference, the game will be updated constantly after its digital release, including new levels and missions that will add up to a full game.

AMD's CEO came out to speak more about video cards. The lettering on the cards lit up. One of them was very small. One of them had two GPUs. It was all very exciting.

ARMA 3's expansion was up next. Bohemia Interactive said that the game is venturing into the jungle for the first time. The expansion is coming in early 2016. Trigger and squid talked about Beyond Eyes, a game about a blind girl visualizing the world around her.

Beyond EyesSplash Damage was here for a new trailer for the recently released Dirty Bomb. A giveaway for Fragger was announced on the PC Gamer website. Steve Gaynor was up next to talk about Fullbright's next game, Tacoma and said similar things to their previous showcase on the Microsoft stage. A brief trailer for SOMA was shown, ending with a September 22nd release date.

Brian Hicks talked about DayZ's long stay in Early Access. They have sold over three million copies of the game and they're not even halfway through development. New vehicles will be put into the game, but they must be repaired over time before being used. A trailer for Take On Mars was shown, also on Early Access.

The man once known as CliffyB took the stage to talk about Project BlueStreak. He spoke of wanting to have unique weaponry that is different from shotguns, rocket launchers, and assault rifles. Enter the Gungeon was shown as a gameplay demo, and it still looks as amazing as when I played it at PAX East. Bullet hell plus Binding of Issac equals a great time.

Enter The GungeonBlizzard announced a new expansion for Heroes of the Storm, called Eternal Conflict. It is all about more Diablo content coming into the game, and it's out on June 30th. Starcraft 2's final release, Legacy of the Void, is also talked about and a trailer for its upcoming release is shown.

In the final showing of this EXCEEDINGLY long conference, No Man's Sky was shown along with quotes and general hype for the exploration game. Sean Murray stated that the game would be coming out on PC and PS4 at the same time.

That's it for the show! Check out the many articles for more details on some of these games, and hopefully next time they will decided not to invite the entire population of E3 to have a chat on their couch.


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