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Although the RX 460 and 470 were announced by AMD at E3, details on the two graphics cards have been scarce. However, AMD has finally released the specs for both cards and revealed their release dates. The RX 470 will be available on August 4, and the 460 will be available on August 8. The 470 aims to let gamers play the latest games at 1080p/60 fps, without sacrificing any graphical detail. However, the 460 is aimed specifically at MOBAs and other games that don't require too much power.

The 470 is based on the Polaris 10 architecture, just like the 480, and the two cards are very similar. The 460, on the other hand, uses Polaris 11. The 470 requires a 6 pin PCIe connector from the PSU. The 460 can get by with drawing power from the PCIe slot as it draws so little power it doesn't need an additional power supply. The 470 comes with 4GB of VRAM while the 460 comes in two models, one with 2GB and the other with 4GB of VRAM. The full specs for both cards are below.

AMD RX 470

  • Stream Processors: 2048
  • Compute Units: 32
  • Clock Speeds (Base/Boost): 926/1206 MHz
  • TFLOPS: 4.9
  • Memory clock: 6.6Gbps
  • Memory bus width: 256-bit
  • Memory bandwidth (GB/s) 211
  • TDP: 120W
  • Transistors: 5.7b
  • Manufacturing process: 14nm FinFET 
  • Power: 1x 6-pin

AMD RX 460

  • Stream Processors: 896
  • Compute Units: 14
  • Clock Speeds (Base/Boost): 1090/1200 MHz
  • VRAM: 2 or 4GB GDDR5
  • TFLOPS: 2.2
  • Memory clock: 7Gbps
  • Memory bus width: 128-bit
  • Memory bandwidth (GB/s): 112
  • TDP: 75W
  • Transistors: 3.5b
  • Manufacturing process: 14nm FinFET 
  • Power: None

AMD has not yet released the official pricing for these cards. The RX 480 sells for $199 and it seems logical to assume that these less powerful cards will cost less. The rumored prices are $149 for the 470, $129 for the 4GB version of the 460 and $99 for the 2GB version of the 460. These low prices should make these cards ideal for gamers on a tight budget.

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