Norton Crypto

If you're a gamer that uses Norton 360 on your PC - you may want to check and see if your computer is now mining Ethereum when it's idle. Popular Antivirus / security software Norton 360 can enable

An Intel chip against a background of circuitry

Intel has confirmed that its upcoming Arc graphics cards won't feature any kind of cryptocurrency mining limiter tech. The company says the GPUs aren't being built to specifically target miners, but

Tontachi AR Interview Crypto Ethereum ETH cover

Virtual pets got their start in the '90s, and Tamagotchi further popularized these games. We may soon enter a new era in the genre with Tontachi, the next project from Urban Electronic Games. All 

Games by Sega, Atari, Square Enix, and Richard La Ruina, all of whom have investigated or sold gaming NFTs

The IGDA (International Game Developers Association) has called for an end to the use of gaming NFTs wherever possible. According to the assocation, gaming NFTs have a detrimental impact on the

Ukranian Bot Farm PlayStation 4s

Last week, TechRaptor reported on the bust of a Ukranian bot operation that was using nearly four-thousand Sony PlayStation 4s as cryptocurrency miners. Though the Ukranian government did not

An ecological wasteland from one of the earlier Sonic games SEGA made.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a relatively new concept that allows someone to own a unique copy of a digital asset through a variety of means. Sega NFTs are coming as the company is now getting

A banner image for the Million Arthur series, which will soon have NFTs to be sold

Square Enix has announced it is to start selling Million Arthur NFTs (non-fungible tokens) starting in summer this year. It's part of a wider move towards NFT technology, with Square Enix aiming to "

Atari Cryptocurrency.

Atari has launched their Atari casino website, which will utilize their own cryptocurrency for people to play online. This cannot possibly go wrong. Alright, so I bet you have at least one question


The head of the indie video game company LaserChain LLC has recently sent legal threats and a copyright violation notice to YouTube regarding a small YouTuber's video criticizing LaserChain LLC's

steam app background

A Steam game has been accused of scamming its players and implementing malware onto their computers, according to several charges from prominent YouTube channels, installing Cryptocurrency mining


Brian Fargo is launching a decentralized digital distribution platform to compete with Steam. The platform is called Robot Cache, who announced via press release that they are teaming up with the

Electricity Power Wire Towers

Cryptocurrency mining consumes more electricity than a country with a population of 17 million as reported by TechPowerUp. For those not in the know, cryptocurrency mining is a process that generates

Coinbase Launched

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency startup based in San Francisco, has launched a licensed bitcoin exchange in the United States. Coinbase has claimed that this new exchange is the first compliant to U.S

It seems Bitcoin has been off to a rocky start this year. Earlier in the month, TechRaptor reported on a major Bitcoin Exchange getting hacked. Now panicked Bitcoin holders are selling, causing the