Doge Trader is a Hilarious Yet Irreverent Look at Cryptocurrency

Play as the most iconic meme Doge on the planet in the new Doge Trader game, Such Wow!

Published: July 26, 2022 4:45 PM /


Doge Trader Gameplay Screenshot

Prepare yourselves, as you will be able to embody the most iconic and hilarious meme Doge known around the globe in Doge Trader, an upcoming interactive simulation game that allows the player to take the cryptocurrency world head-on with zero risk. 

Doge Trader Gameplay Screenshot, doge on the computer looking at crypto emails

Just when you thought that the Doge meme couldn't become more popular than it already is, a Doge-inspired game pops up that is so wild and so hilarious, that it may actually teach you something about the crypto market while you chuckle. Players will take on the life of the confused canine known as Doge, who is trying to the hottest new online get-rich-quick scheme everyone is raving about. While Doge figures out how to play the market to their advantage, you can also decide to purchase JPGs from the internet that you can resell, for almost no reason whatsoever, at a higher value!

The developers mention that Doge will have plenty of abilities to level up, such as the ability to reverse time in case you make a high-risk mistake and lose billions of dollars and possibly your home to the crypto market. When players first begin, the game seems simple and easy. Buying and selling start out as guaranteed money makers but be wary because as time goes on, the market will become more and more volatile. The market becomes an entity of its own that is no longer a sure thing, so players must choose carefully as to what they want to invest in.

Players will need to strategize and remain calm, as they watch the market rise and fall, buying and selling at the perfect moment to maximize profit. As players progress, they will also find that the story becomes more in-depth and beautiful, rich with hilarious and meaningful content for the player to immerse themselves in. Remember, every action has a reaction, meaning your choices will affect the game's storyline and outcome in the end.

While most video games or gaming companies have decided to ban cryptocurrency, such as Valve, and stay away from that form of market in general, Doge Trader makes cryptocurrency their main concept! Even so, the game is not actually connected to any blockchain and there is no in-game cryptocurrency or NFTs, the game still focuses on the interesting aspects of trading.

The game currently doesn't have a set release date, but those who want to add it to their wishlist on steam can absolutely do so now! 

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