Brian Fargo’s Robot Cache Teams Up With WAX Token

Published: January 30, 2018 12:00 PM /



Brian Fargo is launching a decentralized digital distribution platform to compete with Steam. The platform is called Robot Cache, who announced via press release that they are teaming up with the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Token.

This cross-promotion means that Robot Cache will now have two cryptocurrencies available to use for purchasing games, alongside more traditional payment methods:


  • IRON, Robot Cache’s cryptocurrency. You can buy it, resell games on the used marketplace for it, or opt into the platform’s mining function to earn it.
  • WAX, tokens designed for use in virtual marketplaces to buy virtual goods.
Users on the WAX platform create storefronts to sell items like CS: GO weapon skins or Dota 2 items. Due to this partnership, anyone with a storefront on WAX can use that success to purchase games on Robot Cache.
"WAX sees the future of online video game purchases enhanced by smart contracts and blockchain based technology," said Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX and CIO of OPSKins. "Once publishers and gamers realize the benefit of reduced costs and ease of use to acquire games using WAX on Robot Cache, the industry will never be the same."
In exchange for allowing WAX to incorporate their currency into Robot Cache, WAX will be air dropping IRON to all of its users. Air dropping means that anyone with WAX in their wallet will receive free IRON to do with what they please.
"We've been very impressed with the WAX business model, and we have great opportunity to work together to promote our complimentary businesses. WAX has access to millions of gamers throughout the world, and we believe we can accelerate our respective growth by working together," says Lee Jacobson, CEO of Robot Cache.
WAX is lead by Malcolm CasSelle, who was part of the teams behind platforms like MediaPass or the now-defunct Xfire. Other founders include CEO William Quigley, Lead Designer John Brechisci Jr., and COO Jonathan Yantis, all with former or current involvement in the digital item trading marketplace OPSkins.

Robot Cache is an upcoming digital distribution platform utilizing blockchain technology. It plans on revolutionizing digital distribution by providing competitive profit splits for developers and allowing users to resell digital games.

Quick Take

This is an exciting but small change in the developing Robot Cache story. We are likely to see more cryptocurrencies become involved with Robot Cache over time. I'm still excited to see if Robot Cache can deliver on its promises, but that will require a lot of people to invest in the platform. 



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