Dreams and Machines Revealed By Modiphius

Published: June 20, 2023 6:52 PM /


Official artwork from Dreams and Machines, featuring a group of scavengers and a group of mechs charged with purple energy.

Modiphius have announced a brand new IP. The tabletop publisher is most well known for its wide range of officially licensed TTRPG and miniatures games. Fallout, Dune, and Star Trek have all been adapted using the studio's 2d20 system. They even brought the lighthearted miniatures game Brikwars to retail. Their new IP, Dreams and Machines, is their most ambitious. It is a sci-fi fantasy series that, while a TTRPG at its core, has plans to branch out into other media.

The Dreams and Machines announcement

In an official press release, Modiphius goes into further detail about Dreams and Machines. The game is set in the far future on a distant human colony called Evera Prime. The colony is recovering from the aftermath of a robotic apocalypse. With the war against the machines over, scavengers pour over ruined megacities, looking for technology from the Old World while returning to a simpler way of life. But the machines from that war, controlled by a corrupted AI, occasionally reactivate and carry out their older programming.

Artwork from Dreams and Machines, featuring ruins of a battlefield, with mechs and tanks covered in red weblike material
What happened here? And will it come back?

The first big release for Dreams and Machines will be a Starter Set. The set will feature a revised version of the 2d20 system, the ability to create unique characters mapped out with a handful of cards, and a new weaving system allowing you to make equipment out of thin air. The Starter Set will contain the following:

  • Tutorial Booklet
  • Adventure Booklet
  • A Rules Reference Booklet
  • 5 twenty-sided dice
  • 152 tokens
  • 42 player character cards
  • 26 equipment cards
  • 52 NPC cards
  • 31 illustrated location cards
  • 13 Knowledge Fragment handouts
  • 7 character save envelopes
  • 7 rules reference cards

The starter set is available for pre-order on Modiphius' store page at an MSRP of $39.03. If you pre-order, you will receive a quickstart PDF containing six pre-generated characters at no additional charge. For those attending Gen Con, physical copies of the starter set will be available for purchase on August 3.

The press release also states that Dreams and Machines will be a transmedia property with tabletop gaming built into its core. This will include the TTRPG line, a miniatures skirmish game, novelizations, as well as TV show and video game adaptations. To help meet these ambitions, creator Chris Birch has partnered with a wide range of creative talent. These include Carrie Harris (World of Darkness: Time of Judgement), Amanda Harmon (Pathfinder Mythic Realms) Anne Toole (Horizon Zero Dawn), Samantha Webb (Homeworld: Revelations, Fallout RPG), and Mari Tokuda (Dune: Adventures in the Imperium).

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