Star Trek Lower Decks Content coming to Star Trek Adventures

Modiphius Entertainment has announced new content from Star Trek Lower Decks is coming to their officially licensed TTRPG Star Trek Adventures

Published: April 12, 2023 8:31 PM /


Artwork from Star Trek Adventures, featuring several Starfleet Officers on an alien planet with ships overhead

New content is coming to Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures. The studio has a notable track record of adapting beloved sci-fi franchises into tabletop experiences with their 2d20 system, including Bethesda's Fallout franchise, Frank Herbert's iconic Dune, as well as Gene Roddenberry's groundbreaking series. But this new content will not be coming from the moral complexities of Deep Space Nine nor the more action-oriented thrills of the Kelvin Timeline, but the hijinx of the animated comedy spin-off, Star Trek Lower Decks.

Star Trek Lower Decks Content for the Star Trek TTRPG

For those not aware, Star Trek Lower Decks is a 2020 animated series on Paramount+. While set in the Star Trek universe, Lower Decks focuses on lower-ranking Starfleet officers, usually tasked with menial tasks. This more narrow scope leads to not just greater character focus, but also a vehicle for more comedic adventures. The show has run for three seasons with a fourth set to premiere later this year.

Promo art of Star Trek Lower Decks books for Star Trek Adventures

According to an official press release from Modiphius, they will be releasing a wave of Star Trek Lower Decks content for Star Trek Adventures. The first of these is the Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 Crew Pack, which contains official game statistics for the main characters of the show as well as their ship: the U.S.S Cerritos. In addition, there is a new prewritten adventure based on Lower Decks titled Lurkers. It is a 21-page mission where the players are Junior Starfleet officers. They are trying to prevent a leaky relay station’s data feed from corrupting a local pre-warp planet, that is using the Starfleet data as entertainment. Both the crew pack and the mission are available right now on Modiphius' store page.

The press release confirms that more Star Trek Lower Decks content will be coming. This will include a new sourcebook featuring characters and locations from the show. There is currently no release date on this future content.

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