Modiphius Announces Fallout TTRPG Starter Sets

Published: September 6, 2022 3:01 PM /


Promotional image of the Fallout TTRPG starter sets' box artwork

Fallout TTRPG starter sets are on the way. Modiphius Entertainment has produced several different TTRPGs based on official licenses ranging from the world of Dishonored to award-winning work on Frank Herbert's Dune. But Modiphius has a bit more experience with Fallout, they have produced not just a TTRPG but a tabletop miniatures game set in the same universe with ongoing expansions. Now, with these starter sets, fans of the videogames or those not familiar with TTRPGs might be able to tell wasteland tales of their own?

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Better get that 1950s playlist ready to go.

What is in the Fallout TTRPG starter sets?

According to an official press release by Modiphius, the Fallout TTRPG starter sets will contain everything a gaming group needs to play. Set in an alternate post-nuclear wasteland, the world of Fallout is packed with mutated monstrosities, human settlements slowly rebuilding civilization, as well as fantastical technology as a result of America completely investing in atomic power and their sense of nationalism expanded to the point of dark satire. It is also a series packed with multiple warring factions across many different locations such as the militaristic Brotherhood of Steel, the fascistic Caesar's Legion, and the technocratic Institute.

The Fallout TTRPG starter sets will contain the following:

  • A 56-page Core Rulebook that contains all of the rules and resources needed to play
  • A 60-page quest book called Once Upon A Time In The Wasteland. This will take players through the nuke-blasted remains of Boston.
  • 6 premade character sheets. These sheets include humans, ghouls, supermutants, and even a Mister Handy robot
  • 2 twenty-sided dice, a twenty-sided hit location die, and 4 Fallout-themed six-sided dice
  • 56 Nuka Cola bottle cap tokens. These can be used either to represent currency or keep track of action points

When will the Fallout TTRPG starter sets be available?

The Fallout TTRPG starter sets are available to order right now on Modiphius' store page. They are currently being sold at an MSRP of $34 and currently have no estimated shipping date.

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