Modiphius Announces Masters of Dune Campaign Book

Published: August 10, 2022 3:02 PM /


Masters of Dune campaign artwork featuring a royal palace

Modiphius Entertainment have announced Masters of Dune. This is a brand new campaign book for the studio's TTRPG adaptation of Frank Herbert's iconic sci-fi novel, Dune: Adventures In The Imperium. While Dune has received its share of tabletop adaptations, including Gale Force Nine's Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy, as well as Portal Games' Dune: House Secrets, Modiphius' adaptation has received critical acclaim, including a Gold ENNIE Award for Best Writing this year. That narrative focus is key since this campaign will continue a "what if?" scenario introduced in a prior adventure?

What Does Masters of Dune Contain?

According to an official press release by Modiphius, Masters of Dune is a 166-page prewritten campaign book. It continues the narrative first introduced in the Agents of Dune campaign, one where the established canon of the game is disrupted. Rather than House Atreides being put in charge of the planet Arrakis, only to then be attacked by House Harkkonen in a massive power play, Arrakis is in the hands of your players at the table. Masters of Dune raises the stakes with deadly enemies aiming to bring your House down, all so they can claim the production of the spice melange for themselves. Because of this, your players must leave Arrakis and travel to other planets in the Imperium, seeking aid and forging alliances in order to ensure their House's survival.

The Masters of Dune campaign is spread out across nine different chapters. Throughout these chapters, your players can attempt the following:

  • Attempt to gain the trust of the local Fremen
  • Fight space pirates on behalf of The Guild
  • Find wisdom and guidance from the Bene Gesserit (assuming you pass their deadly trials)
  • Play politics against the Emperor and Landsraad Council on the planet Kaitain

Depending on who your group aligns with and what enemies they make along the way, their ultimate fate, as well as the future of who controls the spice, can be almost anything. The campaign can be played as a complete standalone or as a direct sequel to Agents of Dune.

Masters of Dune campaign artwork of a meeting with the Bene Gesserit
Image Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

When Will Masters of Dune Be Available?

Masters of Dune is currently available for pre-order on Modiphius Entertainment's store page. The campaign book is available both in a standard edition for an MSRP of $49.47 as well as a Collector's Edition for $80.39. Shipping is expected to start in late October to early November.


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