Portal Games Announce Dune: House Secrets Game For 2021

Published: January 25, 2021 4:29 PM /


Dune: House Secrets - Key Arts

Portal Games has announced a new suite of board games to be published throughout 2021, including a Dune board game based on the upcoming feature film called Dune: House Secrets. The game is expected to release in Q4 of 2021 and will be based on Portal's Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

Dune: House Secrets Is To Be Part of a Dune Board Game Trilogy

Dune: House Secrets is set to be the first game in a trilogy of games based on both the original Dune book and the upcoming movie from Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. The game will be story-based, using the system from Detective: A Modern Crime Board GameHouse Secrets will presumably also feature a mission-based design that tracks time as 1-5 players attempt to complete their mission. 

Although Dune: House Secrets is using a system from a detective game, the focus this time around will be much more on exploration and gathering resources and allies to complete your goals. Each mission will be a standalone episode that can be played over several hours, but can be knitted together to form a huge campaign with an interlocked narrative that will affect the story of the two future games in the trilogy. 

Other Games Coming From Portal Games In 2021

As well as Dune: House Secrets Portal Games announced several other games that will be hitting shelves throughout 2021. Eleven: Football Manager Board Game is a game focused on managing an 11-man soccer team over the course of a single season and growing them into a huge, popular sports team. 

Dreadful Circus is a set collection game that tasks players with producing the most successful circus before the end. The game is fast-paced and takes between 20-30 minutes for each game, making it perfect for party-esque game nights.

Empires of the North: The Wrath of the Lighthouse is a new solo campaign for engine-building card Empires of the North. The new expansion features a story-driven campaign mode as well as a more standalone mode for quick sessions. 

The final game announced was Niroshima Hex: Beasts, a new faction for popular tile-based strategy game Niroshima Hex. The new faction features many fierce creatures ready to protect their territory. 


Dune: House Secrets is expected to be released in the final quarter of 2021, and you can learn more about all of these games on the Portal Games website.


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