Modiphius Announces Retail Edition of Brikwars

Modiphius Entertainment have announced a definitive retail release of the core rules for the plastic toy based tabletop miniatures game, Brikwars.

Published: May 5, 2023 3:39 PM /


Artwork from the core rulebook of Brikwars, featuring dragons, space men, castles, and spaceships fighting eachother

Modiphius have announced a new retail version of Brikwars. The tabletop publisher has a history with wargames, including officially licensed titles like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms as well as original works like Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish. But this release is being treated as the definitive release of a wargame that utilized plastic construction toys for creatively gonzo matches at the table; one that began back in the 1990s.

The Brikwars retail release announcement

For those not aware, Brikwars was created in 1996 by Mike Rayhawk. It's a tabletop turn-based skirmish game, similar to Warhammer 40k, except that all units, vehicles, and weapons are put together using Lego or Lego-adjacent construction toys. It was designed not just to be a satire of more serious games, but provide scenarios of multi-genre mashups packed with creative chaos. In short, it's a game meant to provide a safe and comfortable setting where a big battle of pretend with toys can be as violent as possible.

According to an official press release by Modiphius, this retail release of the Brikwars Core Rulebooks will be its absolute definitive edition, revamping and revising rules thanks to years of feedback from the brick building community.

The statcard for a minifig from the tabletop game Brikwars
Legally distinct Lego artwork with a bit of bloodspatter. I dig it.

"I created Brikwars to celebrate the timeless joy of kids smashing construction toys together, and for the past twenty years I’ve had the thrill of watching the community take it in directions infinitely more creative and epic and over-the-top than I'd have ever imagined,” said Rayhawk. “This updated edition is built on the rubble of their many generations of plastic empires and thousands of minifig casualties, and I’m forever excited to see players create and discover all new kinds of never-before-seen creative masterpieces for their minifigs to smash into plastic bits."

The Brikwars Core Rulebook will contain the following:

  • A wide array of customizable weapons and abilities. These include bricks, nuclear catapults, and the orange transparent chainsaw
  • Dozens of minifig specialists. These include war machine fixing Mechaniks, impossibly strong Heroes, and pizza-ordering Civilians
  • A new MOC Combat system meant to cover many customizable units, vehicles, creatures, and fortifications
  • Brand new Heroic Escapades campaign rules
  • New artwork by Mike Rayhawk, featuring chaotic genre-blending battles
  • New rules regarding movement and dice, as well rules on when to break the rules

The Brikwars Core Rulebook will be available for pre-order soon at certain retail stores as well as on Modiphius' official store page.

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