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Lasting Tales

Lasting Tales Mark Latham Interview / Fantasy Series 1 Preview

We chat to Mark Latham, the designer of the upcoming Lasting Tales, and preview Fantasy Series 1, the upcoming miniatures that work with it.

Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen Interview

Warhammer Mordheim was a fantastic skirmish game released in 1999. We chat to its creator Tuomas Pirinen about its ongoing community support.
Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim

Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Artist Sarah Finnigan Interview

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Sarah Finnigan, an artist who worked on Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim, and we got some delightful answers
Void Arena interview cover

Void Arena Aims to Buck the Trends of Traditional RPGs

We spoke to High Level Studios about its upcoming game Void Arena, an RPG that breaks tradition by doing away with experience levels and skill points.
ASoIaF T MG Greyjoy

A Song of Ice and Fire TMG Greyjoy Interview

With House Gryjoy recently announced for A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game, we wanted to know more about how the nautical fa

Phoenix Labs, Dauntless, and Growth

Phoenix Labs have made a steady reputation for themselves in the industry.
Kings of War Armada

Kings of War Armada Matt Gilbert Interview

One of the inspirations behind our Nautical Tabletop Season is the newly released Kings of War Armada from Mantic Games.
Blood and Plunder

Blood and Plunder Mike Tunez Interview

Blood and Plunder was an incredibly successful Kickstarter for Firelock Games (and our review is coming tomorrow).
Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars Developer Interview

The 3rd Edition of Dystopian Wars was initially planned for this year after Warcradle acquired the property.

Trafalgar Mark Latham Interview

If you've been following our Nautical Tabletop Season, then our next interviewee's name and work has come up a lot throughout the season.
Pirates of the White Sea

Raging Heroes Pirates of the White Sea Interview

Raging Heroes recently started up a 3D printing Patreon, and their first month was so successful, they've since released them as miniature
The Drowned and the Damned.

The Drowned and the Damned Developer Interview

The Drowned and the Damned is an upcoming fantasy ship wargame from the creators of Pirates of the Dread Sea.

Abyssoul Fausto Palumbo Developer Interview

Abyssoul's range of miniatures caught our eye for their unique character.
Sails of Glory

Sails of Glory Developer Interview

Following up on our Sails of Glory review, we caught up with the games'
Black Seas

Black Seas Gabrio Tolentino Interview

Following up on our Black Seas review, we caught up with the games' designe
Doom Pig Miniatures

Jon Webb Doom Pig Miniatures Interview

Doom Pig miniatures is a brand new endeavor from Jon Webb, a hobby veteran and professional painter who's worked across the wargaming industry.
Man O War

Man O War Interview Andy Jones

To start our celebration of all things tabletop and nautical, we decided to speak to a wargaming legend, Andy Jones.

LimboDivision209 Interview

There's a lot of Cyberpunk this year, with the upcoming 2077 video game and the update to the original RPG Cyberpunk Red.
A redheaded vampire with an apple in herh and, blood dripping from her fangs

Bringing Back World of Darkness

World of Darkness is a setting hardcore tabletop RPG gamers of the 1990s know and love.
The hero Nina standing in a cavern, facing a statue

PAX Online: Chris King, 30XX, and Indie Development

Just because we're in the middle of a global pandemic doesn't mean we can't enjoy the pleasures that come with booths and presentations at PAX. Granted, something is lost without physically being on a show floor, but it saves money on travel and hotels.
Lab Rat

Lab Rat: Coronavirus, Algorithms, and the State of The Indie Scene

When you work in the independent scene, you have to expect the unexpected. As Gwen Frey tells me, the way you go about making your game is never the same one year to the next. Gwen Frey, 33, got her start in the mainstream scene 13 years ago. If you've played BioShock Infinite, you've seen her work. But despite this, she tells me that nothing can prepare you for the jump to indie.
Horizon Chase Turbo screenshot, for Brazil Games story, header

The Rising Ray of Hope in Brazil's Games Industry 

Brazil leads the Latin American video game market and is