Atlas Fallen Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Deck13's Creative Process

Published: July 13, 2023 9:30 AM /


The player character standing on a cliff overlooking an impressive sandy vista in the new Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer

Deck13 and Focus Entertainment have released a brand new Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer. Titled "Behind the Sand", the video also serves as a deep dive into Deck13's creative process and reveals more about the game's setting, its combat, and the intentions behind its creation.

We've already gotten good looks at Atlas Fallen's gameplay systems and desert traversal, but this latest video incorporates behind-the-scenes interviews and footage from Deck13's development process as well. Various staff members talk about what inspired Atlas Fallen and the decisions that led to aspects of the game being implemented.

In the trailer's opening moments, creative director Jan Klose describes the game as being about "fast-paced, action, fighting, and using all your skills together to bring down cool big monsters". It's hard to disagree with that based on the footage we've seen so far. 

We then learn a little more about the game's story, including the factions you'll meet, many of whom are soldiers of the imposing-sounding Thousand-Year Queen. The level design team is, of course, instrumental in bringing that story to life; director Jérémy Hartvick says the team learned from The Surge and incorporated many of its lessons into Atlas Fallen's new "fast-paced" world.

Deck13 shows off some of the movement abilities you'll be able to use in Atlas Fallen next. These include sand-gliding, which, as you'd expect, involves gliding across sand dunes. The goal, according to the team, was to ensure that players couldn't break out of the world, but that they would perceive "freedom" within it.

Art director James Lowe cites Dune as an influence on Atlas Fallen, which should probably be obvious from all the sand. Lowe said he also used classic fantasy like Lord of the Rings to influence Atlas Fallen's art direction, as well as The Witcher. Real-life quarries, in which sand builds up over "thousands of years", have also influenced the game.

If you're worried Deck13 has abandoned its heritage (i.e. The Surge and Lords of the Fallen), you needn't be. While Atlas Fallen has different difficulty levels on offer, elements like body part severing are still intact (ironically), adding a "tactical angle" to the combat.

Combat itself is designed to be something that "anyone can pick up", according to Hartvick, with the core being the game's Momentum system. As you attack and build Momentum, you'll work towards a big, showy attack that does huge damage, which is intended as a sort of triumphant peak to fights.

It's well worth watching through the full trailer, where you'll learn even more about Deck13's creative process and the wonders on offer in Atlas Fallen. The game itself launches on August 10th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, having been delayed from its original May release date.


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