New Atlas Fallen Combat Trailer Showcases Brutal Action-RPG Combat

Published: July 20, 2023 8:51 AM /


One of the giant creatures revealed in the new Atlas Fallen combat trailer

Focus and Deck13 have released a new Atlas Fallen combat trailer, showcasing the game's combat system in detail.

Last week, we got a look at some behind-the-scenes footage showing how Deck13 is creating Atlas Fallen, but this week's trailer is all about the tools you'll take into combat and how you can use them.

Unlike June's overview trailer, this one isn't much interested in exploration or character creation, either, preferring simply to show you the destruction you can wreak.

The new trailer opens by discussing the Gauntlet, your "main source of offensive and defensive capabilities" in Atlas Fallen.

Attacking in the game will take a single button press, and you can equip two weapons at a time to give you options in how you can approach combat.

Three weapons will be available to you: the transforming Dunecleaver, the long-range Sandwhip, and the quick and close-range Knuckledust.

Each weapon will evolve during combat, growing "larger and more deadly", according to Deck13. Combat is "fast-paced, agile, and intense"; you'll dash, evade, and move around the battlefield constantly as you play, looking for attack openings.

We then get an in-depth look at the Momentum Gauge. This bar builds as you attack, giving you the chance to use powerful attacks or "trigger a wide range of effects" during a fight.

As you build Momentum, you'll deal more damage, but you'll also take more damage, making you weigh up whether to "cash in" your Momentum or keep building it for even more powerful finishers.

Momentum also ties into the Essence Stone system, which gives you different attack options. Examples include an attacking leap forward, a minefield to trap enemies, and a "great swirling kick" to deal devastating AoE damage.

Lest you fear there won't be enough enemies to try these attacks out on, Focus and Deck13 say Atlas Fallen will feature a "wide bestiary" of creatures, ranging from small monster packs through to "gigantic bosses".

As in Deck13's The Surge series, you can also target individual limbs to disable attacks and cause enemies to drop special loot. The full game is available in online 2-player co-op, too, so you can grab a friend and try to build some synergistic approaches to combat.

Atlas Fallen is heading to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on August 10th.

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