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August 10, 2023 (Calendar)
Action RPG
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Atlas Fallen is an action RPG with adventure elements added in to make it a seamless and cohesive playthrough. The ancient Gods have become corrupt and decided to wreak absolute havoc on the lands below. It is now your sole purpose in life to rise from the sands and gain power beyond your wildest dreams to defeat the dark threat that looms. 

Always pay attention to the way the sand shifts, as that could be a legendary monster on a direct path toward you. There are monsters everywhere you look, and the only way to gain enough power to defeat them is to obtain essence from your enemies and infuse it into your Sand weapons. The weapons in this game also have the ability to shape-shift into even more powerful and devastating weapons, which can be used in tandem with your sand-powered abilities to become the biggest threat on the planet. 

Atlas Fallen will also come with co-op features, meaning you can take on these intense fights with friends!

Developer Quote

Rise from the dust and glide the sands of a timeless land, filled with ancient dangers, mysteries and fragments of the past. Hunt legendary monsters with powerful sand-infused weapons and abilities in spectacular, super-powered combat.