Lego Fortnite Cinematic Trailer Teases a Blocky Adventure Ahead of Tomorrow's Release

Epic and Lego have revealed the Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer, which teases what you can expect from tomorrow's launch.

Published: December 6, 2023 10:28 AM /


A character in the Lego Fortnite collaboration looking happy in a rural field

The first Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer has dropped, showcasing some of the things you should expect when the new experience lands in Epic's battle royale game tomorrow.

Lego Fortnite is one of the three new Fortnite experiences announced as part of the Big Bang Live Event hosted a few days ago. It's a new survival crafting adventure themed around - you guessed it - Lego.

The cinematic trailer shows a Fortnite character escaping into a land of Lego, where they begin to craft tools to help them chop down trees, fence in animals, and grow crops.

Characters looking out over the rim of an airborne vehicle in Lego Fortnite
Lego Fortnite looks truly vast and impressive.

As our protagonist makes their way through this Lego Fortnite land, they meet friends including Fortnite's famous Peely, who looks decidedly less horrifying as a Lego banana.

Eventually, at the conclusion of the trailer, the party makes its way into an underground cave complex, where our heroes see a number of skeletons mining for some unknown substance.

A giant dinosaur-like monster claws its way up the cliff on which our characters are standing, at which point they draw their weapons and get ready for combat.

It's a pretty exciting trailer, and it does a good job of building hype for Lego Fortnite, especially if you're able to do all of the things our protagonists do in the trailer.

Lego Fortnite is currently scheduled to arrive in Fortnite tomorrow. As part of the collaboration, you can also get a free Explorer Emilie skin, although you'll need to undergo some account-linking shenanigans to get it.

We also recently got a glimpse of one of the other upcoming Fortnite experiences, the Harmonix-created rhythm title Fortnite Festival, which is set to launch in Fortnite on December 9th.

There's a ton going on in the world of Fortnite right now, but given the game's massive popularity, that's to be expected; Fortnite OG attracted a staggering 100 million active players during the month of November.

Stay tuned for more news on all things Fortnite.

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