Hour-Long Splitgate Queue Times Frustrate Players

Splitgate Queue Times are exceeding 90 minutes as 1047 Games rushes to expand server capacity for its popular, portal-filled first-person shooter on PC and consoles.

Published: August 2, 2021 3:59 PM /


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Lengthy Splitgate queue times — in excess of 95 minutes at the time of writing — are frustrating gamers who want to enjoy the new free-to-play PC shooter from 1047 games.

Splitgate has proven to be a phenomenally popular game, so much so that the developers have ended up extending the open beta. 1047 Games first took the Splitgate open beta offline late last month because it simply couldn't handle the number of players. Then, it delayed the game's proper launch and extended the beta to allow for more time to scale its server capacity and adapt to the massive influx of players.

The Splitgate beta is still happily chugging along, but a new problem has since developed: Splitgate queue times are getting pretty long during the daytime, and that's not exactly an ideal scenario for anyone.

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Why Are Splitgate Queue Times So Long?

The key reason for the long Spliitgate queue times comes down to server infrastructure; 1047 Games simply doesn't have the necessary resources to support all of the people trying to play the game. A queue exists to give everyone a chance to play eventually, but that's just a stopgap measure — and the wait times are getting pretty ridiculous.

The rate of growth of our playerbase is faster than the rate we can increase server capacity. We are working on a [long-term] solution to greatly increase server capacity to well over 100k concurrent but this takes time. Thanks for being patient <3 – Splitgate

The wait time listed on the Splitegate Discord is estimated at 95 minutes at the time of writing. The situation is pretty bad for night owls, too — this tweet from the official server status account noted that wait times were "under 30 minutes" at 3:33 AM Eastern time this morning.

The game's explosive popularity is both a blessing and a curse. Having floods of people wanting to play your game is great, but the wait times are frustrating some players to the point that they're giving up.

"Unfortunately I have already uninstalled this game," read one of the more polite complaints from @MrPrimeTV on Twitter. "It was [an] awesome game until streamers got ahold of it and now you can’t play if you wanted to. The queue time is what is going to kill your game. No one in [their] right mind will wait over an hour to play."

1047 Games, for its part, explains that it's not as easy as "buying more servers" to reduce the wait times. It had a server engineer explain the situation on its official Tiktok account, likening it to a restaurant getting incredibly popular. You can't simply buy more tables to seat additional customers; you'll have to hire staff, expand the building, and handle all sorts of other logistical issues — and ultimately, some people are going to be turned away at the door.

For the moment, Splitgate is working on increasing server capacity to support "well over [100,000 concurrent players]" while also exploring other solutions, including the ability to kick players who site idle in menus for excessive periods of time. You can play the Splitgate open beta on PC and consoles right now — as long as you're willing to wait a bit to get into the game.

What do you think of the long Splitgate queue times? What's the longest you've had to wait to get into a game? Let us know in the comments below!

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