Splitgate Season 1 Finally Arrives January 27th

Published: January 19, 2022 10:25 AM /


A player shooting at an opponent in the Splitgate Season 1 reworked Foregone Destruction map

Splitgate season 1 finally has a release date. After the content update was pushed back from its original December launch date, season 1 will now launch on January 27th, bringing with it a new custom map maker, extra modes, and lots more.

What's coming in Splitgate season 1?

Originally, Splitgate was due to get its first season back in December last year. That didn't happen, but now, 1047 Games has announced that Splitgate season 1 will begin next week. First up, you're getting a brand new custom map creator, so you can make whatever kinds of levels you like. You can use both controller and keyboard and mouse controls, and you'll have access to a range of objects to place in your levels, as well as objects, spawns, portal walls, and lots of other stuff. 1047 CEO Ian Proulx says the map maker will "evolve" like the rest of Splitgate, so expect it to get more features in the future.

The new, reworked Foregone Destruction map in Splitgate season 1
As well as the custom map maker, Splitgate season 1 will also come with a reworked version of the Foregone Destruction map.

There's lots more coming in Splitgate season 1, of course. There's a reworked version of the Foregone Destruction map to explore, which 1047 says represents the "eye-popping fidelity" you can expect from future reworked and new maps. Two new modes are coming, too. These are Evolution, a round-based mode in which the losing team gets better gear each round, and One Flag, a variation on capture the flag in which teams play rounds of offense and defense. Of course, there's also a new Battle Pass which will add 100 new levels of unlocks, some of which will be paid. All of this launches for the game on January 27th, and it'll be a free update, although again, some of the content will require you to pony up some cash.

What is Splitgate?

Splitgate is a free-to-play first-person shooter that's perhaps best described as "old-school Halo with portals". It combines the fast-paced arcadey action of Halo multiplayer modes with the dual portal gun mechanics of, well, Portal. After launching in Early Access in 2019, the Splitgate beta began in July 2021, causing a huge surge in player numbers and killing the game's servers. As a result of its popularity, the 1.0 launch of the game was delayed indefinitely, with the beta being extended until the 1.0 launch is ready.

A player firing into a portal in Splitgate
The Splitgate beta launch back in 2021 proved so popular that it crashed the servers.

You can play Splitgate right now for free on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 1047 Games says it'll continue to support the game through content updates in future, although we still don't have a concrete release date for the game's 1.0 launch yet. Despite being called "season 1", the devs are quick to remind players that this is very much season 1 of the beta and not the full game. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it.

Are you heading into Splitgate to check out season 1 of the beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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