Splitgate Update Adds Mantling, Nvidia Reflex, and More

Published: September 28, 2021 10:27 AM /



The latest Splitgate update has something for everyone, whether it's the newly added mantling system, new playlists, or Nvidia Reflex support for better and smoother overall play.

Most importantly is its newly added mantling system (ledge grabbing), which will allow players to climb ledges with far more freedom and allow "more strategic verticality in combat". There's an added option to auto mantle, so players won't have to worry about a first-person animation that will interfere with their aim and overall gunplay. For a game that was shut down for being too popular, new Splitgate patch notes are coming in about once a month, which is pretty nice.

Next on important additions is Nvidia Reflex, which lowers system latency for a smoother gaming experience. This is only available on PC for those with an Nvidia GPU, the results are noticeable for those with a GTX 1660 Super:

Splitgate Nvidia Reflex
Nvidia's Nvidia Reflex results for Splitgate.

“We’re very excited to add NVIDIA Reflex to Splitgate where high-speed, multi-dimensional action is constant in each match. With a 50% reduction in system latency players will feel the difference immediately”, said Ian Proulx, CEO, 1047 Games.

There's also been some performance improvements and crash fixes to maps such as Karman Station, which is also returning to the normal map rotation. Players now have the ability to queue to multiple ranked playlists, and multiple rumble and casual modes have been combined into a Quick Play playlist if you're not feeling particularly picky. Limited time playlists have also been added to play on weekends such as rumble modes and new mode variants. There's also now a lower chance of running into bots when queuing into Quick Play, which is nice to hear as well.

Karman Station
The new and improved Karman Station.

Voice chat has received some stability improvements, console users can now redeem DLC codes, and players now have the ability to "customize enemy armor color, enemy outline color, friendly outline color and friendly color through walls", which is great for better visibility.

Splitgate is currently in Open Beta and will be released whenever the developers feel like it. It's about 25% done right now, so it'll take a while. For FPS fans, there's a lot to look forward to with Halo Infinite coming as well as Splitgate's eventual release. For all the latest info on Halo and Splitgate, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.


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