Gotham Knights Story Shows Sidekicks Becoming Heroes

The PlayStation blog has just revealed a lot of new information about Gotham Knights, including players having to hunt down their next boss fight.

Published: September 4, 2020 11:20 AM /


Gotham Knights

The PlayStation Blog has just revealed a lot of new information about the Gotham Knights story, and other details including players having to hunt down the next boss fight Batman-style.

The blog details three features that they want to showcase: how there are four heroes with four unique combat styles and four separate XP progression systems, how the game feature an open world with a "living, breathing ecosystem", and how the villains--old and new--are reinvented for a new audience.

The four heroes are Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin. Red Hood is a brutal fighter and uses guns, Nightwing is acrobatic and utilizes an exaggerated form of fighting, while Robin prefers stealth and uses status effects to disrupt his enemies. Batgirl is the jack of all trades in this instance, as she is an efficient fighter with the ability to use the environment against her enemies by hacking it.

The game itself is set over the course of the course of many days and is about the growth of the hero rather than playing a Batman at the peak of his powers. Gotham Knights story wants to show the characters becoming the guardians of Gotham over time, and how the world reacts to the death/disappearance of Batman. This is change is shown in the open world, where players can watch the citizens of Gotham go to work or the grocery store, multiple criminal factions acting up, and the GCPD trying (and failing) to solve Batman's laundry list of villainous enemies.

The villains of Gotham Knights story go back 350 years into Gotham, as the Court of Owls is a secret society that has shaped the city since its earliest days. Players won't just be fighting the Court of Owls, though, as there are other villains who players will have to track via the Villain Crimes mechanic, which is a series of encounters where the player will have to do detective work in order to hunt down the villain and spark the next major confrontation over several days.

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