6 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in the Suicide Squad Trailer

There are six easter eggs you definitely missed in the Suicide Squad trailer.

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Suicide Squad - Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang

When Rocksteady revealed the trailer for its new game, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League during the DC Fandome event, we found out that it’ll be set in the same universe as the Arkham trilogy games. At the risk of getting proven wrong but still having fun speculating about stuff anyway, I’ve compiled six juicy little tidbits you might have missed from the trailer reveal.

1. Obvious Signs

In one full shot of the Metropolis skyline, we get a glimpse of a variety of glowing signage in the distance. One of them points to Big Belly Burger of CW fame from the TV shows, as well as the Sundollar Coffee Shop from the comics (which drops a little hint about Booster Gold). We also get a shot of the Daily Planet billboard with Lois Lane on the front, and the LexCorp building in the distance, which are both nice world-building touches to really bring Metropolis to life.

suicide squad kill the justice league metropolis signs

2. Not-So-Obvious Signs

As the Squad gets off their butts and starts smashing around town, we see a water tank with the logo of the Street Demonz on it, hinting at an existing motorcycle gang that was featured prominently during the Batman: No Man's Land crossover event. They also appeared in the Gotham TV series and were also one of the gangs Batman had to face in Arkham Knight under Penguin’s command. The members of the gang had very particular branded jackets, so the gang just might make a comeback in this new game. You can also nab the Street Demonz trophy in Arkham Knight when you accomplish certain AR Challenges in the 1989 Movie Batmobile.

suicide squad kill the justice league street demonz

3. S.T.A.R. Labs Involvement

There’s a metal shell labeled “S.T.A.R. Labs” from that ledge where Harley Quinn is trying to snag a pizza slice from the opening sequence. It looks to me like it could be some sort of bomb or bullet shell—whether or not that means S.T.A.R. Labs has something to do with the catastrophe that led to this whole Brainiac invasion remains to be seen. Given its history with experimental mishaps of this magnitude, I won’t be surprised if it does end up causing this whole disaster in the first place.

suicide squad kill the justice league star labs

4. Timeline and Setting

We see Brainiac’s skull ship in the distance, which confirms how Supes was somehow mind-controlled to be the evil Boy Scout that we see in the trailer. King Shark pops a Batman and Green Lantern balloon, which makes me wonder: if this game is set in the Arkhamverse, does this mean that Bats is supposedly “dead” as in the ambiguous ending to Arkham Knight

suicide squad kill the justice league batman balloon

In one scene where Harley’s beating up Brainiac thugs, we also get a shot of a gang logo or graffiti that shows a Batman symbol painted over a Joker's smiley face. Does this mean that both Bats and Joker are dead, and a gang/cult has risen in their place? I have so many questions.

suicide squad kill the justice league batman joker logo

5. Booster Gold?

As I mentioned, Sundollar Coffee Shop is clearly referenced in one of the signs in the background. It’s appeared in the Booster Gold comics before, but it gets more intriguing when we see a shot of the skyline with a billboard that advertises “Krypton” as published by Blaze Comics. The same Blaze Comics logo can be seen yet again under the LexCorp building in the background.

suicide squad kill the justice league lexcorp blaze comicsbooster gold sundollar coffee

Blaze Comics is a fictional comic book company in the DC continuity that’s responsible for publishing Booster Gold's own comics series. The comic book supposedly details Booster’s superheroic conquests, and the publisher has lots of comic book stores littered across Metropolis. I’ve always really liked Booster, so it could be interesting to see if he is actually in this game—if nothing else, I’d still love to see Blaze Comics stores throughout the city as a subtle nod to him. 

6. Gameplay Styles

suicide squad kill the justice league harley quinn

Harley Quinn uses a cupcake grenade on a thug in one scene, which looks awfully familiar to one of Batman’s own takedown moves in the Arkham trilogy. We also get to see the same cupcake bomb on the ledge where the Squad is hanging out before launching into action at the beginning of the trailer, so those bombs seem like they’re going to be one of Harley Quinn’s more prominent weapons throughout the game. She’s also zipping around with a grappling gun from place to place, hinting that her playstyle might be similar to Batman’s own leaping-from-rooftops style.

Meanwhile, Deadshot can fly around in his jetpack, but from a particular move he makes in the trailer, it seems players can also use that jetpack as an offensive weapon to burn enemies in the way. King Shark just seems like an ordinary brute smashing his way through thugs and stuff, but he does have a gun too. This plays into the fact that Rocksteady mentioned the game will include lots of gunplay, which is very different from the original Arkham trilogy (Batman and guns just don’t mix). 

What’s interesting is that Boomer here seems to have some form of superspeed, as he throws his boomerang in one direction and moves fast enough to catch it from the other side just in time. It’s possible that the Captain Boomerang here is actually Owen Mercer—Digger Harkness’ son—who, in the comics, has superspeed inherited from his mother, Meloni Thawne. In the comics, Owen can only maintain his superspeed in short bursts, which explains how he zips around catching his own boomerang in the trailer.

What do you think of these sweet little hints that the trailer has dropped here and there? Did I miss anything that you think is pretty relevant to the game’s story or gameplay? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you missed the Gotham Knights reveal, we've got you covered.

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