Gotham Knights Manifest Unavailable Error Finally Fixed For PC Players

Published: October 28, 2022 5:33 PM /


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A Gotham Knights Manifest Unavailable Error prevented many PC users from being able to play the game, for about a day before WB was able to fix the issue.

Players of the open-world action superhero game, Gotham Knights, noticed that an update was available to their game. They attempted to install and then -- crickets. The progress never seemed to, well, progress. Some of those players took to Reddit to see if anyone else might be having a similar issue, and low and behold, the Manifest Unavailable Error surfaced. Players have tried several methods in an attempt to restore the game to its working order, but to no avail. The bug has been fixed at the time of writing.

This seemed to be an isolated issue to Steam users and was not affecting other games that we know of, as other games were updated and downloaded with no errors. One of the major concerns was from those who have just purchased the game and were getting the error immediately upon the first download. This means that the game appeared to be unplayable on the platform, regardless of if you've had it installed previously or not. While we don't know the number of people affected by the error, it does seem like a decent few were getting the same error message "Manifest Unavailable Error". 

Warner Brothers even went on to respond to a number of Twitter users like @_LanguageBar, who stated they have been unable to play for over 15 hours now, where @WBGamesSupport replied,

"Hey there! We wanted to reach out and let you know that the the game team is aware of this and actively investigating the manifest error. Your patience is very much appreciated. We're happy to help if you have any other issues, please let us know. Take care!"

Luckily, the developers became aware of this issue quickly, and according to a recent Tweet from their official @GothamKnights account, they are "rolling out a fix with Valve now so you'll see a download come through."


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