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batman gotham city chronicles season 2

Batman is an insanely popular character and has made his way to pretty much every medium from TV, to film, to video and board games. One of the more interesting board game releases was Batman: Gotham City Chronicles a miniatures game where players took control of a team of heroes and a team of villains to battle it out on the streets of the titular city. The game's creators Monolith has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the second season of the game, with all new characters, missions and versus mode content.

Versus Mode

The original season 1 content for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles racked up an impressive 45 missions for the adventure mode, and season 2 is still adding another 9 missions, but the focus this time around has been on expanding the game's versus mode. The adventure mode sees one player, controlling a villain and his henchmen, fight off against a number of other players each taking control of a single hero each, but the versus mode pits players head-to-head with even teams, with a much more skirmish style to the gameplay. The new expansion seeks to add much more content to the mode since adventure mode was much more in focus on the season 1 content.

The new versus mode content and expansions include adding several new teams, such as The Suicide Squad and Batman Inc, as well as some new maps featuring classic locations from the Batman universe. You can now battle it out in the Gotham City Police Department map, and the sewers of Gotham City which come bundles with 10 new Versus missions as well. On top of that, all of the new characters can be used with the series 1 core box content, so if you love one of the new characters but prefer the maps and missions from season 1, then they're completely compatible.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2 - Batman Inc.
One of the Season 2 expansions brings the hero team, Batman Inc, into the game.

So Much Content

There is so much content in the first season of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 1 alone that the pledge levels are insanely packed with content. Both the new season 2 content and everything from season 1 is available from the different pledge levels, as well as plenty of bonuses and add-ons to boot. The first pledge available on the list is totally customizable, allowing backers access to a list of all available content, from core boxes for both seasons to every single available expansion. The other pledges offer some pretty great deals on bundles of both season 1 and season 2 content:
  • €130 - All core boxes from season 1, including all stretch goals from the original campaign
  • €282 - All-in Season 2. Includes the core box and every expansion that is part of the season 2 release.
  • €295 - All-in Season 1. Includes the core box and every expansion that is part of the season 1 release.
  • €577 - All-n Season 1+2. Includes the core box and every expansion that is part of both season 1 and season 2.
All pledge tiers have an estimated delivery date of May 2020, and you can go and get your hands on them right now. There is only a day or so left to go before the campaign closes, so if you want to get a great deal on a complete bundle of everything that's available then you should check out the campaign while you still can.

If you're interested in the original content for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles then you can check out our review of the game here.

Do you like the look of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2? Will you be pledging to snap up a deal before the opportunity disappears? Lets us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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