Farming RPG Coral Island Release Date Announced

Published: June 10, 2022 1:30 PM /


Coral Island

Humble Bundle and Stairway Games have just announced that their farming simulator RPG, Coral Island, is launching on PC via Early Access on October 11, 2022. This is a fairly anticipated title, given that it was a massive success on Kickstarter a few months back. It's available to wishlist now on Steam and Humble Bundle store if you don't have an elephant's memory and wish (heh) to be reminded of its Early Access release come October.

What can I expect from Coral Island?

Players can live at their own pace in this vibrant and laid-back farming simulator. Living off the land, nurturing animals, and building a relationship with over 50 townsfolk are all things you'll want to do in Coral Island. Overrun land will have to be turned into a worthy farm as players will choose what to build, what to grow, and which animals they'd like to tend.


The story will change with the passing seasons, and players can either save the seas, explore monster-filled caverns, or focus on perfecting their farm. The choice is up to the player, as is the outfits, accessories, and physiques they can choose to express themselves with. While expressing yourself, players might attract the interest of a wide and diverse cast of 20 single people, if that's what their into.

Coral Island
There's lots of things to do in Coral Island.

Other than that, there's also community projects to liven up the town. Players can also expand the local museum and discover how to restore heritage sites. If players work to increase the town's rank, their community will thrive. Players can hunt for insects, catch fish, restore the coral reef, or mine gemstones in the cavern. The quality of livestalk and crops can also be upgraded, which should help produce better yields.

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