Among Us Cosmicubes Update

Big New Among Us Update Available Now

November 9, 2021 3:01 PM

By: Don Parsons


Smash indie hit Among Us has released a new major Among Us update, and it's a doozy, promising to change up the social deduction game in a lot of ways. The update features four new roles, adjustable roles, and a whole new progression and cosmetic system tied into the Cosmicube, before Among Us releases on PlayStation and Xbox next month.

What are the new Among Us roles?

The four new roles added to Among Us are split with three new crew roles and one new imposter role. Here's a brief rundown of the new roles:




  • Scientist (Crew) -  can access the vitals panel at any time to see the health of the crew, but it needs to be charged. You recharge it by completing tasks
  • Engineer (Crew) -  has the ability to use the vents to move around - though you can't stay there forever
  • Guardian Angel (crew) -  can protect a crewmate temporarily and even stop imposters from killing them if timed well
  • Shapeshifter (imposter) -  can disguise themselves as any other crewmate, although it doesn't last forever, and leaves behind evidence.

These new roles promise to add increased dynamism to the gameplay by providing increased variety in what players might have the capability to do.

How do Adjustable Roles work?

Among Us Adjustable Roles
The adjustable roles let you adjust how many are in the games, and what their precise capabilities are.

A long-requested feature has been added with this Among Us update. The adjustable roles segment is a new part of the options menu that lets you adjust how many of each of the roles are in the game, both in number and percentage. Additionally, each role has advanced settings letting you fine-tune things like how long the scientist's battery lasts, or if the imposter does leave evidence behind. There are limits on this - for example, the maximum duration of the shapeshifter's ability is 30 seconds even with these options.



What is the new Among Us progression system, and what is the Cosmicube?

These two new additions are entertwined as one is used to unlock features from the other. There are Cosmicube is full of unlockable cosmetics, and right now everyone gets the Mira Cosmicube to start, while in the future there will be both free and premium versions. When you play the game, you equip a cosmicube for unlocking things, and you earn Pods through gameplay. These are only gotten if you have a Cosmicube activated and the pods cannot transfer between cubes. They then serve to unlock the different cosmetics.

Among Us Cosmicube
The beginning of the Among Us Mira Cosmicube

As for how to get the other new cosmetics in the store and some future cubes, you will be able to buy them with both a free currency and a new premium currency. Beans are awarded throughout normal gameplay and can be used to buy some Cubes and cosmetics, while Stars are a premium currency bought with cash and are used for buying some special items and Cosmicubes.



Funneling into those is Experience or XP. This is earned based on playtime and can be used only for character leveling. This gives a multiplier bonus for beans and pods whenever you gain a new level.

There's a bit more, so if you want to learn more about the update, you can read it on their site, especially in regards to account linking.

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