Akira Yamaoka Returns to Silent Hill's Soundtrack with New Dead by Daylight Expansion

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Akira Yamaoka Returns to Silent Hill's Soundtrack with New Dead by Daylight Expansion

May 26, 2020

By: Samuel Guglielmo

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Several parts of Silent Hill, from the symbology and the monster design to the straight-up creepy fog town, have gone down in horror history. Another part of that? The soundtrack. With Dead by Daylight getting a Silent Hill focused expansion, it was imperative to make sure to get the soundtrack just right. When faced with such a task, who better to turn to than long-time Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka?

According to game director Mathieu Cote, it turns out that Akira Yamaoka is a fan of Dead by Daylight, and was more than happy to help out with this chapter. Collaborating with Dead by Daylight composer Michael April, the two have composed a few new songs for Dead by Daylight. However, these songs will be done in the style of Silent Hill classics. One example given was the title music, which gets redone for every chapter.

"The music in the lobby that you're going to hear is the Dead by Daylight theme, which is the same theme that we have and we keep taking and doing different versions for every killer," explained Michael. "But this one is done in the very very recognizable style of Silent Hill."

It was noted that the music is all new, choosing to recreate Dead by Daylight songs in Silent Hill's style rather than reusing any tracks from the games. So don't go in expecting to hear the Silent Hill theme note for note. While no word was given on what other places we can expect to hear music, it's very likely that Pyramid Head will have a unique chase theme like many of the killers added later in Dead by Daylight's life tends to.


If you're looking for some new music to go with your murder, the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill chapter will be launching for PC and consoles on June 16th, 2020.

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