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Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Guide - Cover Image Standing in Grandma Bogfen's House Next to a Potion Brewing Station

Our Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Guide will tell you how to unlock Potion Brewing, how Potion Brewing works, and the best Potions in the game!

Wizard with a Gun challenges you to defeat your enemies with a mix of magical Guns and Bullets. Sometimes, you're the one who ends up getting hurt -- and you'll need Potions to heal your damage. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Potions!

Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Guide - Potion Wheel in The Frozen Wastes
You can have up to 6 Potions (each of which has a stack size of 5) on your Potion Wheel. You can switch between them by holding down the "use Potion" button (Q by default on PC).

How to Unlock Potion Brewing in Wizard with a Gun

Here's how to unlock Potion Brewing in Wizard with a Gun:

  1. Defeat the first Rider to unlock The Fell Biome on the Map.
  2. Travel to the Fell and collect Gears until Granny Bogfen is revealed; she is represented by a red potion bottle icon on the Map.
  3. Scan the Potion Brewing Station with the First Edition to unlock Potion Brewing.

Completing these steps will unlock the ability to brew Potions.

How to Unlock More Potion Recipes in Wizard with a Gun

You can unlock additional Potion recipes by talking to Granny Bogfen in The Fell. You'll have to spend a small amount of Resources from different Biomes to unlock new Potions. These new Potions can then be Crafted at any Potion Brewing Station, provided that you have the ingredients.

Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Guide - Potion Brewing Station Recipes

How Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Works

Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is go to a Potion Brewing Station, select your recipe, and Craft the Potion you want. The Potion will be instantly Crafted.

The sole exception to this rule in the launch version of the game is the Bowl of Soup. You can only get Bowls of Soup from Marnaby if you can manage to find him on the Map.

Best Potion in Wizard with a Gun

The best Potion in Wizard with a Gun is the Bowl of Soup -- it heals a large amount of Health instantly. Unfortunately, you cannot Craft this Potion. The only way to get it is to find Marnaby in the world.

Barring that, the best Potion is the highest-level Healing Potion that you can Craft. You can Craft a new Healing Potion with the resources found in each new Biome on the Map, so make sure to visit Granny Bogfen as soon as you open up a new area!

Wizard with a Gun Potion Effects

Here is what each of the Potion types does in Wizard with a Gun:

  • Tangy Tea - Heals you over time.
  • Healing Potions - Gives you a much greater amount of healing.
  • Bowl of Soup - Heals you instantly with no additional heal-over-time effect. Can only be acquired from Marnaby in limited quantities.
  • Tea - Allows you to move faster.
  • Cooling Potion - Protects you from the environmental heat in The Barren Sea.
  • Warming Potion - Protects you from the environmental cold in The Frozen Wastes.
  • Chaos Absorbers - Adds time to the clock upon consumption.

That's the end of our Wizard with a Gun Potion Brewing Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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