The Serpent Rogue Pier Unlock Guide

Last Update: April 26, 2022


Habormaster Ship Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue is littered with neat places to go, puzzles to solve, and potions to unlock and craft. Early on in the game, you’ll encounter the “Rogue” in the Camp, who talks about how the pier is blocked off by vines. You'll need to unlock this early on to progress past The Wasteland, so here's how to easily get to the Serpent Rogue Pier.

How To Get To The Pier In The Serpent Rogue

The only way to get to the pier, is to get the vines to pull back, and to do that, you’ll need fire. More specifically - you need a lit torch

The easiest way to get a lit torch early on, is to head into The Wastelands, and find a lit torch around the area. There isn’t always one available, so you may have to wait for the Corruption Storm to wipe out the area, resetting it a few times. Alternatively, you can craft one with 1 Log and 1 Textile, or sometimes find them in the shop to the north.

The Camp Vines Cleared

Once you have a torch, head back to the camp and equip it. Step into the vines, and you’ll see them pull back, but you can’t head into the pier just yet. On the left side, you’ll see some unlit torches – using your torch you can light these, which will open the way to The Pier once all of them have been lit.

Head on in, and say hello to The Harbormaster, who with some gold, will help you unlock human followers – necessary to carry the Vessel which combats the Corruption. You’ll also find the picklock recipe here, sitting on a boat to the right of the stairs up to the dock.

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