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Serpent Rogue Corruption

The Serpent Rogue is a unique indie game that has you crafting potions to make your way through the world. You’ll come to rely on these potions to deal damage, stay alive, and explore the world – which is why the Serpent Rogue final boss fight can be a bit jarring. Here’s our guide on how to easily defeat The Serpent Rogue.

Once you've made your way through the swamp and raised the bridge, you'll make your way towards a windmill at the top of the hill. There's fallen Wardens along the way who share advice, until you make it to the base of the windmill. Head all the way up to the top and talk to the Stranger to have the corruption take hold of the Windmill.

At this point, all of your belongings will be gone and you'll have nothing but the Serpent Sword. Using it, defeat the corruption and head to the entrance of the windmill, which is where you'll find the drop down to the final boss. [Jump To Video]

Final Boss Phase 1 Aoe

The Serpent Rogue Final Boss Walkthrough

This is not a largely combat-focused fight, you're going to do a lot of running and dodging to take the final boss down. There's 3 "phases" to the fight to win, broken out below:

Phase 1 - Dodging AoE

The first phase will largely having you running constantly to avoid the AoE attacks that the boss throws at you. Continue to dodge them, staying mostly in the center until the next phase, which will be AoE moving inward.

Tentacle Phase 2 Serpent Rogue Final Boss

Phase 2 - Moving To The Middle

In this phase, the Serpent Rogue will start with AoE attacks on the far outside moving inward. Wait in the middle until they get close, then run outward until they hit the middle - spawning a tentacle.Hit this tentacle to move on to Phase 3, but note you'll need to kill corruption monsters (1 hit) in growing numbers through the repetition in Phase 2 (1, 2, then 3.)

Phase 3 - Magical Barrier, Damage and Reset

Here's where you get to the damage the boss a bit. Once he pops back up after you've taken down his minions - move towards him a bit. After a few seconds, start holding Block to generate a magical barrier around you to withstand the attack.

Once the attack is done, throw your sword at the weak spot on his chest to damage him. Now, you'll repeat phase 1 & 2 again. Once you've completed this phase 3 times - the fight will be over.

Serpent Sword Barrier Serpent Rogue

Serpent Rogue Final Boss Video

If the information above isn't enough, check out the video below on the entire fight from start to finish!

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