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Last Update: April 26, 2022


Serpent Rogue Swamp Machine Broken

Once you have cleansed the Swamp, and can proceed past the area – you'll encounter a structure that needs to be repaired – requiring 3 gears to get it back up and running. Here’s how to get all 3 Wwamp gears in The Serpent Rogue, so you can rebuild the Extractor, and continue past the Swamp.

Getting The Swamp Key in The Serpent Rogue

You’ll have to unlock 3 different locks to get the gears – and the lock requires the Swamp Key which you will find once you have cleansed the swamp of corruption, allowing you to move on to the next area. Instead of going straight after you cleanse the northern area of the swamp of corruption – head up and to the right, past a broken structure that you’ll need to repair.

Follow the long path until you can head upwards and follow along until you come to a house. You’ll find the Swamp Key here. Pick it up, and now there are 3 places in the swamp to use the Swamp Key.

Swamp Key Location Serpent Rogue

Serpent Rogue Gear Locations

Swamp Gear #1 Location

Once you have the Swamp Key, head to the left of the house, and down the ramp to a Swamp Lock for the first Gear you need to repair the device.

Swamp Gear #2 Location

To get the second swamp gear, you’ll need to unlock Dobhar-Chu's Lair.  

From the house you got the key, head back and past the broken structure you’ll repair with 3 gears. Head along the left side of the map until you run into a way up – this leads to Dobhar-Chu's Lair, which you’ll unlock with your Swamp Key.

You’ll need to take down the Dobhar-Chu, which has ~110 health. Recommend you bring Damage+ potions and a follower to help you. Once you’ve beaten it, make sure to Examine the body to unlock the That Which Was Unknown Achievement.

Once you’ve defeated it, you can head to the small pool in the middle and find the second swamp gear inside some bubbles.

Swamp Gear #3 Location

Head back from Lock #2 and continue following the left side of the map. There will be a ramp upwards (you’ll see a bit of the area you’re headed on the minimap) towards another lock. Unlock this, and it’s best if you go ahead and get a follower from the Harbormaster and a Vessel from Camp. You’ll need to fight 4 ghouls, and some corrupted enemies to cleanse corruption.

Once that’s done head up the ramp to the left, and you’ll find a gear up here.

Swamp Machine Working Serpent Rogue

Fixing The Serpent Rogue Swamp Machine

Now that you've found all 3 gears,head to the Pier and get 4 human followers. You'll need them to use the machine. Once you've got them, head back and "use" the machine to have them all get it moving.

This will raise the drawbridge, allowing you to cross the bridge and confront Serpent Rogue's Final Boss. Good luck!


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