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Last Update: April 26, 2022


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One of the things required to beat The Serpent Rogue is progression through the corrupted areas of the world, which require a special item to cleanse the area. You'll throw 100 Gold Coins into the fountain at Camp, and construct a tool to cleanse a specific area - but you'll need a human follower to carry it. Our Serpent Rogue Followers and Creatures guide will explain how to tame and hire each!

Human Followers Screen

How To Get Human Followers in The Serpent Rogue

First off, you'll need to unlock the Pier to the east of The Camp. It's fairly easy to do, and once you've done it there's a limitless number of followers to hire so long as you have coin. Once you've unlocked it, you'll talk to the Harbormaster when the ship arrives (noted by the timer at the top of the screen when you're in the area, OR you can see it on the map at any time!)

You'll shift your view over to the ship and four followers to choose from, ranging from single to triple digits to hire.

  • Quick Tip - You can inspect the inventory of each person by checking their stats and viewing inventory. This is a great way to maybe grab an item or two you want for cheap!!

You'll simply highlight the follower(s) you'd like to hire and hold down the button. Exit the screen, and they'll follow you.

What to do with Human Followers

Human followers can be used to fight alongside you, you can use them to carry equipment for you, or if you want to get the Marshmallows by the Fire Achievement, just hire 10 cheap ones and send them back to camp!

Tame Creature Screen Mavka

How to Tame Creatures in The Serpent Rogue

Taming creatures isn't as simple as hiring human followers, you'll actually need to (similar to researching potion ingredients) learn about them by "discovering" them. Once you've done so, you can use their preferred foods to tame them. Every creature has different preferences, so you'll want to discover every one you run into.

Alternatively, later in the game you'll cross into Mavka’s Keep and get the "Nature Calls" quest to save 4 Huhi's. Once you've done so, a timer similar to the one at The Pier will start and using Butterflies (caught in the Wasteland and Church) you can "purchase" tamed creatures to accompany you.

Similar to Human followers, this is a great chance to pick up creatures who have inventory items you need!


Now that you're able to hire humans and tame creatures in The Serpent Rogue, check out more guides below:

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