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Mavka Serpent Rogue

To the northeast of the Swamp, there’s an area you can get to called “Mavka’s Keep” in which you’ll find Mavka and these furry little creatures wandering around. Our The Serpent Rogue Nature’s Call Guide will help you collect all 4 of the missing creatures, unlocking the ability to easily tame new animals.

Nature’s Call Huhi Locations – All Huhi's

Here's where to find all 4 Huhi's!

Huhi In Abandoned House

Huhi Location #1 - Abandoned House

To the left of the house where you spend a lot of time for crafting, sleeping, and fulfilling requests - there's a hut with corruption on it. As you explore the game you'll come across "Purifying Potions" - simply throw one at the growth to open up the building, and you'll find the first Huhi inside.

Huhi Location #2 – Gorgon Lair

You’ll find the first of these little guys inside the Gorgon’s Lair, unlocked with a purifying potion on the left side of the Wastelands. Take down the gorgon, and break apare the small creature in the middle of her lair. He’ll rush back to Mavka.

Huhi Church

Huhi Location #3 – Church Cage

You’ll find the second one in the basement of the church. Bring a few lockpicks and unlock the cage to let him hurry on back to Mavka.

Huhi Location #4 – Graveyard

You’ll find the final one at the Graveyard, locked in a coffin inside the Undertaker’s Hut. You can’t lockpick this though, you’ll need a key. Head to the Merchant House (East of Church) to purchase this for 75 gold, then return to let the little guy free.


Now that you’ve found all four – head back to Mavka. He’ll let you know that the forest isn’t ready yet, after which you’ll see a new icon counting up to 100% above you. Wait this out for a little over 8 minutes, and now you can talk to Mavka again.

This unlocks the ability to tame creatures with butterflies you’ve collected, similar to how you can get human followers by paying the harbormaster. Check back every once and a while to see what new creatures you can tame!

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