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Magic Using Her Legendary Darkchilde Ability

Magik is a fun-to-play and interesting character in Marvel's Midnight Suns, with her ability to use portals to shift enemies around the arena and create opportunity for her enemies and herself to maximize damage. Her Demon Child mission will test your knowledge of her skillset, and the Magik Challenge Mission is worth completing for the legendary Midnight Suns suit, as well as the Darkchilde legendary card.

You're going to have to move enemies around a bit, and use Magik's abilities to their max in order to complete this one. Here's how.

How to complete the Demon Child Mission

The goal of this challenge is to defeat the middle enemy and take, then use the Darkchilde card. You're going to have to run through a few steps to take it down and claim this card, so let's walk through each one.

Step 1: First off, use Limbo's Grasp to enhance your portal-based damage.

Step 2: Next up, create a portal to your right that will throw the next enemy you knockback into the green rift (adds vulnerability for 1 turn, increasing your damage)

Where to place the portal in Demon Child Mission

Step 3: Use Quick Soulslash on the middle enemy that holds the Darkchilde card, to knock them into the portal and take damage + gain vulnerable.

Step 4: Use Trap Door to move the card-holding enemy just to the top right of the other rift.

Demon Child Mission Trap Door Placement 1

Step 5: Attack the rift to deal additional damage to the card-holding enemy.

Step 6: Kick the card-holding enemy into the enemy near the rift.

Step 7: Use Trap door on the card-holding enemy to move it towards the rear middle enemy, dealing damage and setting up for one final attack

Demon Child Mission Trap Door Placement 1

Step 8: Soul Blast the card-holding enemy into the other enemy.

Step 9: With the card in-hand, use Darkchilde and complete the mission!


Now that you've completed the Demon Child mission, you can keep leveling up your heroes and taking on the other challenges!

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