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Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man Challenge Guide | Iron Will Mission

Published: December 25, 2022 11:45 AM



Iron Man is a versatile character in Marvel's Midnight Suns, with the ability to do precision damage, area damage, or boost teammates in missions - he's an essential character to max out friendship with. Once you reach level 5, and you've unlocked the challenges at the forge - you'll have the opportunity to do the Iron Will Mission, unlocking the Midnight Suns Iron Man Suit, as well as the Hellfire Beam legendary card. We've got the steps you need to know in order to complete the Iron Man Challenge Mission below.

Unlike standard missions, this challenge mission has set cards, and there's only one (that we found/tested) way to beat Iron Man's challenge mission.


How To Beat The Iron Will Mission

When you spawn in, you'll be faced with a solitary crystal and a number of cards. At first glance, this mission is impossible to complete with what's there - which is why you're going to have to combine the bonuses of these cards with your redraw in order to maximize the damage of Surgical Strike to complete the mission. Here's the order, in 12 easy steps:

  1. Heads Up
  2. Redraw one of the New Plan cards
  3. Precision
  4. Leave it to Me
  5. Leave it to Me
  6. Surgical Strike
  7. Heads Up
  8. Surgical Strike
  9. Blast
  10. Blast
  11. Blast
  12. Hellfire Beam

If you follow this specific order - you'll quickly complete this mission and unlock Iron Man's legendary Midnight Suns suit as well as get the powerful legendary ability that lets you do some major damage to enemies. Now, onward to complete the other character challenges so you can deck out the rest of your team's abilities!


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