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An image of a fully powered elemental altar from Marvel's Midnight Suns

Welcome fellow Hunters. There are a lot of helpful items and collectibles in Firaxis' heroic strategy action game, Marvel's Midnight Suns. But a few of them aren't just there for lore or for completion's sake. A few of them are crucial for getting some of the game's most vital items and features. Our Marvel's Midnight Suns Elemental Rod guide is but one of them.

Water Rod | Fire Rod | Air Rod | Earth Rod

Unlocking The Elemental Altar

First, a bit of context as to what the elemental rods are used for. After the first three story missions your character, The Hunter, will make contact with the ghost of Agatha Harkniss. Through her guidance, you will uncover a location in The Abbey referred to as Agatha's Altar. From here, four stone altars will rise up from the ground. Each of the altars corresponds to one of four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. This will activate a side mission: find all four rods and get a reward.

The good news is once you've gained access to the altar, you can easily find all four elemental rods in The Abbey.

Water Rod Location

The first two rods are the easiest. The Water Rod is tucked in a small alcove near the pool in The Abbey. It's hidden near a grate next to some stepping stones, highlighted with white runes. If you're near the inflatable tubes, you're in the right place.

The pool with an area highlighted by runes from Marvel's Midnight Suns
Just inbetween those candles in the half-circle alcove is your prize.

Fire Rod Location

As for the Fire Rod, it is in a small room in the Chapel. It should be sitting on an altar surrounded by lit candles. If you end up going through a long hallway with different doors, you're in the right direction. When in doubt, check your map.

The location of the Fire Rod from Marvel's Midnight Suns
I bring you fire.

Air Rod Location

The Air Rod is in the Whispering Wood, northwest of Agatha's Altar. There's a small cliff jutting out on the west side. If you look on your map, it's the spot that's just below the first four letters of Whispering Wood.. The rod should be in a small shrine on the edge of the cliff. Please note you will need to use Word of Power: Open in order to access this area.

Picking up the Air Rod from Marvel's Midnight Suns
It's a nice view at least.

Earth Rod Location

Finally, the Earth Rod's location is somewhere very close to home. Head to Hunter's Folly and return to the small building where The Hunter was brought back to life. Use your Word of Power: Open on the door. This will open the door. The Earth Rod is in a corner of the room.

The Hunter near the location of the Earth Rod from Marvel's Midnight Suns
Just go through the threshold and look left.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Elemental Rod Reward

Once you have gathered all four elemental rods, return to Agatha's Shrine at night and place each rod in their respective altar. If you don't know which altar corresponds to which rod, look for matching visual patterns on both. Once all four rods are in their right place, you will receive a Moon Seal. These are important since they'll allow you access to various Blood Rune Trials in Marvel's Midnight Suns. You will want to complete these trials in order to access new Words of Power, allowing you to explore more of The Abbey.

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