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The glowing face of a robot in a dark factory

Hey there, card gamers. If you've followed our guides (Beginner's Guide, Cabin Puzzle Guide, RPG Puzzle Guide) then you should be through the retro RPG part and now in the sci-fi themed Robotopia section of the horror card game, Inscryption. Essentially, this is the final proper stretch of the game and there is a lot to unpack. New mechanics to get the hang of, new bosses to face, and of course new puzzles to solve. This guide is to help you get past most of the bizarre headaches of the Robotopia section and get the most out of every little hidden secret we've discovered so far.

A game of cards against a robot
No I am not, and I'm concerned at how much this changed.

Inscryption Robotopia Puzzle Guide - What is New?

Well obviously the first big change is that everything has adopted a sci-fi robot theme. Furthermore, the slowly charging battery mechanic used by P03's deck in the RPG section is now the norm. Finally, there are now five lanes instead of four to deal with.

Finally, the roguelite elements have been replaced with a more soulslike system. Whenever you do overkill damage, the spare points are converted into robobucks. If you lose a battle, you are taken back to the last checkpoint you activated with your robobucks left behind and all encounters reset. You want to get your cash back, you'll have to go the hard way. Alternatively, any consumable items you use will be replenished when you reach a checkpoint as well.

It is something you're going to get used to very quickly since you have to play through a good chunk of Robotopia's new sci-fi hologram inspired map before you can get up and freely explore the factory you're stuck in.

Two lockers shut with complex mechanisms
Guess what's back?

Inscryption Robotopia Puzzle Guide - Optional and Helpful Puzzles

But once you are able to get up from the table, there are some puzzles you can right away, they include the following:

The Notch Lockers

Good things come in threes, and in the case of Inscryption, even P03 can't deny the brainteasers of the notch cabinets. You'll want to solve these immediately since they contain some really nice items.

We'll start with the locker on the left side. The idea behind this puzzle is that it utilizes two of Robotopia's new abilities. The first is bomb, which instantly deals 10 damage to every creature in front of it and to its left and right sides when it dies. The second is shield which protects the card once from a single hit.

With that in mind, the solution is straightforward. Your attacking row should be the following from left to right: 1|1 bomb, 1|2 shield, 1|2 shield, 4|1 notch. The defending row should be the following: 1|1 bomb, 2|1 notch, 1|1 bomb, 2|1 notch. The bombs go off, but the shields protect your attackers letting you get the crucial hits in. Solving this puzzle gives you a bomb remote, a consumable item that allows you to instantly fill the board with 1|1 bomb creatures. Fair warning, this can be potent when used properly, but unless you have shielded creatures on hand, this can easily open you up to pain.

The solution to the second locked cabinet in Robotopia
I wish I had more tylenol for puzzling this out.

The second locker puzzle is frustrating The gems are back once again and there is a new ability attached as well called Gem Detonator. Basically destroying a gem with a gem detonator creature nearby will cause it to act like a bomb. It's vaguely worded in the game's manual so the solution here isn't exactly easy.

However, I do have the solution for you. The attack row from left to right should be the following: nothing, nothing, 1|2 detonator, 5|5 notch. The defending row should be this: 0|1 gem, 1|2 detonator, 0|1 gem, 3|2 notch. The staggering of the defending row gives the gem the bomb effect, your attack sets it off, leaving your 5|5 to go through for the win.

In this locker you'll get the Lonely Wizard card. Remember the wizard in Magnificus' tower that was trapped in the dark? Well now he's in your deck and he's still super clingy.

Leshy's cuckoo clock hanging in a factory wall
Huh, deja vu.

Leshy's Cuckoo Clock

If you go to the left side of the holo table and look at the wall. The game should glitch out before revealing a familiar sight on the wall: Leshy's cuckoo clock. P03 tells you to ignore the cuckoo clock, but there are some secrets to find here.

First, a bit of a head's up. Technically you can just get the solution to this by buying what looks like a red-tipped alarm in a store for 25 robobucks. But since you will be needing that cash elsewhere, this is a spot where you can sequence break by just putting the solution in.

Much like in the Cabin sections, the cuckoo clock has two rewards. First, set the second and minute hands to 12, then move the hour hand to 4. This will pop open the bottom compartment revealing the Ouroboros card. Continue turning the hour hand to 11 and the top compartment will open revealing a symbol. We'll get that symbol later.

Leshy's cuckoo clock with a compartment open
Hellooo OP card.

Ouroboros might not seem that good at first. It costs way too much energy and is just a 1|1 with undying. However, if you've used the card before throughout the game, you'll know that everytime undying on it activates, it returns to your hand with its attack and defense increased. Now it's back in your deck. Enjoy your overkill.

As for continuing the story, that should be straightforward. Go to each console and answer their questions. Each one is some variation on those anti-bot security questions you get from time to time. Once you solve those, get to the compartment at the end of the room, open it, and take the battery.

Before you leave, however, go to the door on the left side then turn to the crate sitting nearby. You can open this and get The Angler as a card.

A camera drone taking a picture in the dark.
Bam! Perfect shot.

Magnificus' Gem Podium Puzzle

Next up, we have a curious puzzle to take care of. Fair warning, this is a very involved puzzle so there will be some hopping around. First, you'll discover this gem podium once you've beaten two of the bosses on this new map. Generally speaking, the map is still laid out like it was in the RPG section, so this will assume you've beaten the Photographer and the Archivist boss fights respectively.

First, you'll discover the gem stand as you wander through the recently opened section of the factory. It's a dead ringer for the puzzles you solved in Magnificus' tower earlier on in the game. But where in the world will you get the symbols to solve it?

Well, the top most symbol is already available to you through Leshy's cuckoo clock. The second symbol is going to take some reflexes and a bit of patience. Go back to the room where you first got the battery and you should see the floating camera drone from the Photographer boss fight. If you click on the left or right sides of the drone, you'll rotate it in a full circle. Click on it dead in the center and it will take a picture. You'll need to spin the drone then take a picture while it's facing away from you. This will illuminate several objects including the door to Leshy's cabin, another of Magnificus' gem podiums, and a gravestone. Try to time the flashes until you can clearly see the gravestone. Etched on it is the middle symbol you need.

A big open plane of green slime with a wizard's hat in the middle
This is weirdly sad but that would be telling.

The third symbol is where things will get complicated. Go back to the left side of the holo table where Leshy's cuckoo clock is at and check the corner. You should see a printing device followed by the image of what appears to be a creature card. Memorize this card down to each detail. The energy cost, attack and defense values, abilities, even its appearance. This is important because if you head back to where P03's factory was in the upper leftmost part of the map, you'll come across encounters where P03 will ask you to create your own creature card by sacrificing one of your own. The symbols for this event are marked by a pair of crossed wrenches.

You'll need a value of at least 3 SP to get this creature right so sacrifice accordingly. Once the created card is in your deck, get up and go back to the display. The bottom most symbol should be flashing red on the display.

If for whatever reason the third symbol doesn't show on the display screen, you can figure out the third symbol through trial and error. Go to the gem podium and put in the first two symbols. Then on the third symbol, simply change the symbol, then step away. If the gem doesn't glow and teleport you to the new location, go back, change it, then step away again. Repeat this process until you get a reaction.

Once all of that is done, go back to the podium and put the symbols in. Once that is done, step away from the podium. If you did everything right, the gem will glow and you'll be teleported somewhere else where you'll learn something interesting about the green slime you've been seeing throughout the game. You can freely come and go from this spot as you please.

The floating face of a Trader in the factory
Alright, this is where things get spicy.

The Trader and The Holopelts

Now for probably the most sinister puzzle in Inscryption. First, you'll need at least 22 robobucks. Head back to the shop found near the starting area in the center of the map. There should be a holopelt in the shop for that much money. Buy it immediately.

Next, you'll need to find four more holopelts Two of these can be found in rooms in boss areas. One is in the Archivist's tomb, the other is hidden away in the robot factory. The other two are in in Leshy's woods and in the magic gem area in the lower leftmost part of the map. As you are going through these areas, run your cursor over all four cardinal directions. Eventually, an arrow will appear, showing a secret passage. Generally, this leads to shortcuts or even bonus robobucks. But it will also help you find  the other two locations.

You'll know you're in the right spot when you see a rabbit hopping over a beartrap. Click to close it shut when the rabbit hops over the trap and collect your pelt. Once you have five, you can move on to the next step.

A holographic rabbit hopping over a beartrap
Gotcha. Okay, two more to go.

Next, get to P03's robot factory and defeat Golly. After that, go to the leftmost chamber and click on the giant lock icon, it should unlock. From there, get up from the table and look to the door on the left side. It should be open.

Inside is a hologram of the Trader. Give the Trader all five of your holopelts and she'll reveal five tarot cards. Along with that she'll divulge cryptic information about the real secrets behind the game and its creation....

A Devil tarot card being dealt by the Trader
Further down the rabbithole we go.

Inscryption Robotopia Puzzle Guide - Getting to the End

Once you've beaten all four of Robotopia's bosses, P03 will try to rush you into going back to the beginning for The Great Transcendence. Instead, go back to the leftmost part of the map and look out for several sattelite dishes. These should be identical to the ones you used to access the Golly boss fight in the robot factory. Once you found all of them, your screen should glow blue, signifying that something has changed.

From here, go back into the extra rooms of the factory until you find a console flashing with the message “waiting for network...”. Click on it and you be given a prompt asking if you are a robot. Click no and an elevator will activate, leading you to some help against P03.

Once you are returned to the surface, retrace your steps back to the starting location on the map and encounter P03 one last time. But before a boss fight can break out, help arrives.

Congratulations, you are now in the final section of Inscryption. Enjoy the existential terrors that await you going into the credits.

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